Friday, December 31, 2010

Resolutions for 2011 !

Things to be achieved in next year.

1. 3.60 + GPA. !
2. More breaking in debate tournaments. It's time to progress.
3. Control my temper. See ya *Ryan* !
4. A better son.
5. Grab more books and read.
6. Save more money. No more over-spending in 2011.
7. Exercise once a week. Jogging or Swimming or hitting the gym.
8. Improving my jokes. Laugh people, laugh !
9. Mooting ? Might give it a try next year.
10. Improve my manners. Its gonna be tough !

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


It's the Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games this year and we had an "awesome" rematch between our Dato' and his nemesis Mr. Lin Dan (a.k.a The Ass). On 23rd of Nov, both of players managed to qualify for the finals. Me, bearing the "semangat kebangsaan" sat apathetically in front of the television hoping Malaysia would add another gold medal into the list.

Cutting the story short, the badminton match ended by Lin Dan's victory with the score of 13-21, 21-15, 10-21. It was not that bad, at least our Dato' managed to win once. However, once again, audiences in Malaysia had to put up with Lin Dan's revolting behavior of removing his own clothes... showing off his mus- *vomit*-cular body. How I wish he would catch a cold or something... deadly.

He is getting older and older.
I hope there will be a greater prodigy in Malaysia replacing him in the future.

The Ass

How to distinguish truth from fiction?

  • I have written extensively on this elsewhere, nonetheless, this remains an area schools to a large degree ignore. Sometimes I suspect it is because teachers feel their students must absorb knowledge uncritically; if they are questioning everything the teacher says they'll never learn!

    The first thing to learn is to actully question what you are told, what you read, and what you see on television. Do not simply accept what you are told. Always ask, how can you know that this is true? What evidence would lead you to believe that it is false?

    I have written several things to help you with this, including my Guide to the Logical Fallacies, and my article on How to Evaluate Websites. These principles are more widely applicable. For example, when your boss says something to you, apply the same test. You may be surprised at how much your boss says to you that is simply not true!

    Every day, subject at least one piece of information (a newspaper column, a blog post, a classroom lecture) to thorough scrutiny. Analyze each sentence, analyze every word, and ask yourself what you are expected to believe and how you are expected to feel. Then ask whether you have sufficient reason to believe and feel this way, or whether you are being manipulated.

    By -Stephen Downes

  • Friday, November 5, 2010

    My New Tumblr site !

    I have just started to blog/write/reblog at yesterday. (Take note, John Chan !) Am still in the process of learning :). Anyway, check it out at:

    P/S: Do follow me :)

    Thursday, November 4, 2010

    Happy Deepavali and etc..

    Firstly,to all my Indian friends,

    Sorry for the long M.I.A ! I'm busy with my studies. Am now still in the midst of facing my final exams and there are 4 papers left: Criminal Law, Family Law, International Trade Law and Arab. I hope next week will be smooth sailing for me :3

    On the other note, I recently have bought Outliers, The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell ! I have read the first two chapters which I think was admirable. Enjoyed the analysis and the examples brought up by the author;very compelling. How I wish it was my family law book instead.

    Anyway ! I'm going to brave through this 2 weeks. I can hear the sound of my semester break calling.

    Sandakan, wait for me !

    Monday, October 11, 2010


    I think I've deviated from my path again.

    I hate this.


    Should I retrace my path ?


    Perhaps time will lead me back to my path ?

    Thursday, September 9, 2010

    Tutorial Conversation

    Family Law Lecturer: Should we (Malaysian) abolish the right to claim for monetary compensation in case of breach of promise to marry someone ?

    Friend A : Yes, because its bla.. blaa.. blaa..etc.

    Me : No, because it will deprive one of the grounds for family lawyers to rake in the money.

    I maybe a law student in mind but I'm still a capitalist at heart. Lol

    Wednesday, September 8, 2010


    Hi everyone,

    I've been missing for quite awhile.
    Am not going to deny it.
    Sorry, it was due to my laziness. Lol

    Anyhow, something recent about me:

    1. I broke as an adjudicator in Ramadhan IV at MMU Cyberjaya !
    2. I'll not be going back to Sandakan during my Hari Raya break.
    3. I've started playing badminton (although I'm still a newbie).
    4. I bought The Silmarillion, another book from J.R.R Tolkien and will be reading it soon.
    5. My highest recent score in bowling is 107 points !! (very proud indeed).

    Thats all I guess. Good night :D

    Friday, August 27, 2010

    A breath of fresh air !

    Finally, I can ethically relax myself because I'm done with Tort and International Trade Law tests in this week !

    So, yesterday, we gave ourselves an excuse to have fun :)
    Kami pergi ke Alamanda, Putrajaya (15 mins drive from UKM) to watch the latest Step Up 3:

    -Loads of dance scene-

    Then, we went to have dinner at Sushi King (because Nando's Chicken was crowded) but the service sucks. Most of us had waited a year for the foods to be served. On the plus side,the waiter gave me a free Unagi Temaki because I'm too good looking he forgotten to add it into my bill.

    Lucky me :)

    Photos :


    A great picture by John

    Sunday, August 22, 2010

    Makanan !

    Read and view this post at your own risk !
    Oily and fattening foods might be bad for your health.
    Or you might ended up chewing miscellaneous object or worse, hallucinating about food for the next 24 hours due to the yummy pictures below.

    I'm craving for :

    Nando's Chicken Chop !

    Ice Creams from Baskin Robbins :B

    Kim Gary's French Toast !

    Madam Kwan's Nasi Lemak

    Old Town's White Coffee

    How I wish all these foods can miraculously appear before me.
    I'm so hungry. Sigh.

    Saturday, August 21, 2010

    Fish Spa

    Last month, I went to Morino Kaze Fish Reflexology Centre. It's located in a building in between Starhill and Lot 10.

    At that time, I was really tired of shopping and walking with my mum and she insisted to go to Pavilion. Luckily, a promoter gave me the shop's flier and I *humbly* declined my mum's invitation. Hohoho.

    It was a very ticklish experience. Those fishes must had been starved for few days because they bit my feet like no tomorrow (not because of my feet got a lot of dead skins !).The session lasted for 30 mins and it cost me RM 28. I think is worth it because my feet now is still very smooth. Go and try it out people !

    Morino Kaze !

    Great Ambience

    Fish spa !

    To avoid unnecessary vomiting or puking, I mosaicked my legs.

    Thursday, August 19, 2010



    Lately, I seem to be a little cranky (sorry Manfred :< ) and only god knows why.

    Emptiness is all I felt... as if I am lost in the sea of people

    I think something is still missing in me.

    Privacy ? Sleep ? Love ? Studies ? Improvement ? Family ? Money ? Exercise ?


    Tuesday, August 17, 2010

    Weekly Update !

    Hi everyone, tomorrow I'm going to have my criminal law mid-semester test. And yet, I'm now still facing the computer, why huh ?

    Last weekend, I went for IIUM Open (debate tournament) and I managed to break into Quarter Finals (Top 16 teams among 83 participating teams) ! I think most likely was due to Kok Joo's help. So, I want to express my utmost gratitude to him for being a wonderful debate partner throughout the whole tourney. To me,it was a good experience in improving my confidence, my analysis as well as my argumentation. Hopefully, all these will turn me into a better debater in the future.

    Adios people ! :>

    Wednesday, August 4, 2010

    A Trip At Pesta Konvo

    Just now, I went to another college,Kolej Rahim Kajai to have my dinner with Pin Yin and Manfred. I'm out of money lately (sigh) and to save cost, I ate Qiao Huey's dinner, hohoho.
    After that, we went to Pesta Konvo because our butts couldn't sit still. To our surprise, the pesta was not congested at all. Perhaps,today it is still the first day so not many humans know about the existence of the pesta.

    Anyhow,we did a lot of window shopping (I bet RM500 that most of the dealers wanted to kill us) . Nonetheless, I managed to buy some stuffs, check it out:

    1. Jibbitz for my Crocs - RM 3

    2. A pair of new slippers - RM 11. (PY: Red, Manfred: Green, Mine: Brown)

    Each of us bought a pair of flippers because of Manfred's sweet talking.I think he can be a spokesperson for Flippers. Anyway, Flippers' slippers are superbly comfortable and just by wearing it, I feel much taller (lol).

    Overall,it was a fun evening for me :)

    Thursday, July 29, 2010

    I Got You ?

    Hahaha... sorry everyone, the content of this post got nothing to do with the title. I like that sentence due to Leona Lewis's song: I Got You. Anyhow, what I want to share here is about sensitive and emotional people.

    Everyone of us are born with feelings and emotions,it's an universal truth.
    However, there are people that exist among us are emotionally unstable and this kind of people often create chaos in our daily life.

    How ?

    Firstly, people around them have to suffer and bear with their sour faces.
    Especially, friends.Friends have to put up with their negative emotions even though deep inside their heart they're extremely pissed with their annoying attitude.

    Secondly, emotional people like to gain a lot of attention. They really expect people to be patience with their behavior. Friends are being expected to heed with their needs.They're like the prince and princesses of the day.

    The worst part is they don't usually admit that they got problem. They know they're sensitive and emotional but they think it's justified to be like that.
    Maybe ignorance goes hand in hand with sensitivity.

    I feel this kind of people are irksome (seriously). It's gruesome to see their long and sour faces plus their irritating attitude and yet we still have to entertain them. So,the best advice I can give is to ignore them. They'll be normal again after their "emotional period" has lapsed.

    Sorry to say this but to those who think they're very sensitive, please try to change or to contain your attitude next time.

    P/S: Don't live in denial because it'll only hurt yourself and the people around you. :)

    Monday, July 26, 2010


    One word to describe this movie : Splendid !

    Summary: The movie is about an "extractor", who enters peoples' dreams in order to steal their idea but somehow, the table changed and the "extractor" instead of stealing ideas, now needs to plant an idea into someone's mind (inception).

    I find this movie very interesting ! Although I'm not a Leonardo Dicaprio fan but I felt he did an extremely good job in this movie. The plot of the movie is very intriguing, so "do" watch this movie, people !

    Sunday, July 18, 2010

    Lost in KL!

    Seriously, KL is like a maze ! Last Friday night, I drove to KL to meet up with KTSN debaters for our upcoming Taylor's IV but, I was lost for 3 hours... How pathetic.

    I brought my GPS along and I thought it would lead me directly to KTSN. However, I ended up in KTSN 2 ! It was hell. Making my situation worse was the fact that my useless GPS ran out of battery. Desperately, I parked my car and asked some passerby's for direction. Luckily, I came across a very nice guy, I think he is called "Afik" (thank god because the other passerby's that I asked just shook their head). He was buying satay but at that moment, nothing came across my mind except the directions to KTSN ! He enlightened me with his Iphone.

    BUT, the funny part is the fact that I was still lost with all the guidance from that Saviour, lol. I was forced to call Pau to guide me out from the city. I parked in front of Legend Hotel and waited for 15 mins (I was very devastated at that time) and finally, Pau successfully brought me back to KTSN.

    P/S : I didn't manage to break into Taylor's IV. (Shame ....)

    Wednesday, July 14, 2010


    Hi and Hell to everyone !

    I kid, I kid. Haih, things aren't as smooth as I had pictured it to be. My car is yet to arrive ! Darn it, the car dealer promised they could get the paperworks done by today but now, they changed it to Friday. (I hope they will get struck by lighting tonight)

    Secondly, VC Cup. Hmm, I think I really have no control over it right now. Need help. S.O.S ! Not many juniors from FUU willing to join the tourney and also I'm wondering about the progress of other trainers in other colleges.. It makes me worried.

    I hope for a better day tomorrow. *fingers crossed*


    Sunday, July 11, 2010

    UKM !

    I'm officially back in UKM ! Now, I'm waiting for tomorrow classes to start. Staying in a new ambiance: Kolej Keris Mas ! The room here is smaller compare to Kolej Ibrahim Yaakob's single room but it's very comfy and clean.

    On the other hand, my drive to study seems to have vanished. I blame the long holidays. I think my brain size is as small as a raisin.

    Tomorrow, will be new day in Faculty :) Hope things will go accordingly !

    Tuesday, July 6, 2010

    Masarap - Philippine Cuisine

    Last Saturday, we went to Masarap, the one and only Philippine Cuisine in Sandakan. The food is delicious but most of the dishes is not halal. The restaurant also has a live band singing every night and a cool ambiance.

    We (me and Fiona) exuberantly promoted this restaurant in front of Grace while we were playing lami last week and unluckily I managed to "earn" a lot on that night, so they insisted that I have to treat them at Masarap. :S

    They eat with gluttons, especially Mr.Keong.
    All smiles when we left.I guess they enjoyed my RM120 dinner.

    Slowpokes: Mr. Tat and Ms Grace Vun
    (They asked me to be on time but they were 40mins late)

    Ms Fiona Fong with her favourite beef dish.

    Ms. Keong promoting his minced meat and egg with egglant.

    Me with my favourite dish: Kare-Kare (not halal).
    That sauce is made from peanut butter :D

    Thursday, July 1, 2010

    IPad: Love at First Sight

    My Love:

    I really really really (x 1000) yearn for an IPad. I wish someone would get me one.

    Friday, June 25, 2010

    Yiruma - River Flows in You

    Check it out :D

    Thursday, June 24, 2010

    The Path Not Taken

    One path leads to a plain and simpler life while another path leads to more challenging and hectic life.

    I choose the latter one (now). A path leads to more challenging lifestyle often accompanied with perks and experiences. I just entered my twenties and I still have many years ahead of me. Being complacent with a fixed salary, staying with our parents and live in a small town, is not yet in my dictionary.

    An ordinary lifestyle in my view is meant for people in their retirement years. It's for people who had enough of excitement and challenges. Which eventually leads them to settle down and enjoys their remaining bits of life.

    But for young adults, I think they should brave themselves up, step out from the box and face a more challenging world that awaits them.

    Life should be as colorful as a rainbow. :)

    Saturday, June 19, 2010

    The idle life in Sandakan.

    My hypothesis about holidays is correct - Holiday is cool, awesome and great IF it's for one to two weeks time. If it gets longer than that, things go downward.

    Now, I'm experiencing the 4th week of my holiday in Sandakan. Things are getting duller here.My routine has been repeating incessantly in these 4 weeks: eat , sleep,television, surfing the internet and few hanging out sessions with my hometown friends.

    I should have found a job.I'll be a zombie soon.

    Wednesday, June 16, 2010

    Personality Test - Sound Tastes !

    I came across a personality test that based on individuals sound tastes from an old copy of Reader's Digest (October 2009). Check it out.

    Blues : High self-esteem,creative,outgoing and at ease.

    Rock/Heavy Metal : Low self-esteem,creative,not hardworking,not outgoing, gentle, at ease.

    Rap : High self-esteem,outgoing.

    Opera : High self-esteem,creative,gentle.

    Country : Hardworking and outgoing.

    Soul : High self-esteem,gentle, at ease,creative,outgoing.

    Reggae : High self-esteem,gentle, at ease,creative,outgoing,not hardworking.

    Dance : Creative,outgoing,not gentle.

    Indie : Low self-esteem,creative,not hardworking,not gentle.

    Bollywood : Creative and outgoing.

    Jazz : High self-esteem, at ease,creative,outgoing.

    Classical Music :High self-esteem,introvert, at ease,creative.

    Chart Pop : High self-esteem,not creative,hardworking,not at ease.

    Monday, June 14, 2010

    New Book ! - The Six Sacred Stones

    I was really bored when I had finished reading Lord of the Rings !
    But, luckily I was able to "borrow" a book from my dads camp.
    It was left behind by one of the tourist.
    haha, thanks for the generosity :)

    Sunday, June 13, 2010


    Most teenagers feel their parents are annoying and intimidating. Especially, when they get nagged or scolded by their parents. I too thought my dad was a very intimidating person back then.

    To me, there was a period of time, which I don't really want to engage with my folks. We are not in the same universe, I felt.

    Today, I see him in a whole different light. Somehow, my perception has changed.During the trip to Bilit yesterday,we talked a lot.

    Below is one of the conversations we had :

    Me : Dad, in 60 years of your life, you must have experienced the ups and downs in life. Can you tell me what should I do if I face hardships or failures in my life.

    Dad : Move on.

    Me : Huh ?

    Dad : Yup, when we are facing the worst moment in life, the best way you can take, is to move on. The sooner the better. Don't waste time dwelling in the past but focus in moving forward to the next chapter.

    Me : *astonished* Yeah, that's true.

    Day Trip to Bilit

    Bilit is a small village located along the Kinabatangan River . It takes 2 hours drive from Sandakan. My dad's camp is located somewhere near there but need to take another 15 mins boat trip to reach there.

    Since I got nothing to do, I agreed to accompany him for a day trip to his camp. I didn't bring along my digital camera so I used my phone to snap some pics but not much(just for the sake of blogging). The place is very serene and calm. It's a good place to escape from hectic and loud city life. I forgot to take pics around the camp because I was too occupied in eating lunch (lol). Perhaps, next time.

    Driving to Bilit.

    At the jetty

    On the way to the camp. It was freaking hot. The sun shone strongly.

    The bank of Kinabatangan River. No wildlife today.

    At the Entrance.

    Saturday, June 5, 2010

    Unbelievable !

    Omg !

    I have no idea what did I do during the exam... but the result was simply unbelievable !

    Gosh, Am really overwhelmed by the result for my 2nd sem.

    P/S: Article 15 sucks !

    Monday, May 31, 2010

    Ahhhh ! Dilemma

    Darn it ! As I have said before, my parents finally agreed to buy me a car in West Malaysia ( Yeah!) but the problem is my parents got a bible of requirements for me. zzzzz

    From dad, the car must be 1-2 years old and no Proton Car, mum said the car must be an auto car. Sigh, furthermore dad doesn't like cars from Korea too (hard to find spare parts if the car breakdown).. Bye bye Hyundai and Kia.

    Shitty.Now, my choices are being limited to 1-2 models.

    I guess it would take a lot of effort to convince them. Sigh

    Saturday, May 22, 2010

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <-- Yuck

    ~~~ symbol being added to the end of your every sentence, seriously induce puking and a great desire to beat you up half dead.

    I wonder why,people like around 20's still would want to act cute in Facebook. HMMMM ! I thought they should have passed the "La-la period" already but nope, still stuck there.

    Hehe ~, Shu~, XD~ , Hi~ XD, Lol~ , Gud Night~

    ARGHH!!! Maybe once awhile is ok but in each and every sentences with that symbol..... Haih... seriously, stop it people !

    P/S: Same goes to people who type like this : Hi, My NaMe Is JeReMy ^_^. They need some psychiatrist.

    Thursday, May 20, 2010

    Perception !

    What do you think ?
    Is the glass half full or half empty ?

    Answer : If you answered the glass is half full then you are optimistic.
    If you answered the glass is half empty then you are pessimistic.

    Wednesday, May 19, 2010

    Im gonna commit suicide soon

    ARGHH!! Sandakan is really really boring ! Not only boring but also hot ! I wonder why Sandakan's weather is way hotter compare to KL. Maybe due to lack of tall buildings ? Argh. I don't care. Air-Con - 24/7

    BUT ! at least I met some old buddies here. Glad to see Ah Ging and Ah Yiu (Karaoke) and also Loong, Vui Goh, Fei and Ah Khen(Yumcha).

    Hope to see Fiona, Grace and Siao Ching soon. They seem busy this week.

    God, lead me away from the path of boredom pleaseee !

    Sunday, May 16, 2010

    I'm Back !

    I finally reached Sandakan yesterday evening. Curse stupid MAS for delaying an hour.Anyway, I'm glad that I could come back home after a long absent (5months!). Now, I got 2 months to waste :D

    Since, Sandakan doesn't have a decent bookstore and also, I am running out of books to read. I decided to grab The Lord of The Rings for my holiday. It was cheap (RM107) since the book I bought was a combination of the 3 separate books (RM130 if,bought separately). Can't wait to let myself drown in the world of Middle Earth.

    Last week, during the UKM IV, I managed to listen to some Glee episodes. I come across this song - Defying Gravity. It was mind captivating. Hehe. Check it out people :)

    There are also some new songs that I find soothing: Solo by Iyaz, Your Love Is My Drug by Kesha, Body Language by Jesse Mccartney and Down (Slow Version) by Jay Sean.

    Friday, May 14, 2010

    Another thrilling week :)

    Hi people !
    Sorry for the late entry (as if zillions of people viewing my blog) but nevertheless, it's time for me to update my blog.

    Lets start with my debating stuffs first, my record for UKM IV was 2 win and 3 losses. 2 from the 3 losses were seriously because of me. I'm very sorry to Prethi and Thiru for screwing our chance in breaking into the quarters. My speaker score was around 73.7. very sucky indeed. BUT at least, I had fun during the IV.

    Then, I went to Bukit Tinggi on Monday to celebrate Oizien's Bday with Vivian but before that I would like to thank JASON TOH for saving my ass, my life is yours :). Then,we (notwithstanding-Jason) went crazy throughout the whole trip. We even teased Oizien's sister (are we drunk ? no idea) Took a lot of picture.

    Afterwards, I went to Cameroon Highlands with Vivian. For me, the trip was fine but Vivian was really hard to please: when she was grumpy and having her mood swing. Now, I'm staying at Bryan's place. Thank you BRYAN CHONG for adopting me. I seriously owe you a big time here.

    P/S - Pictures coming soon :)

    Thursday, May 6, 2010

    Countdown !

    1 more day to UKM Intervasity (Debate) !
    Very nervous....
    zzzz. Am really hoping to do well in these tourney.
    Jeremy.... It's about time for you to show some improvement here !

    Current Feeling :

    Wish me luck !

    Friday, April 30, 2010

    The End of 1st year's 2nd Semester

    Today is the last day of our second semester in UKM !

    In a blink of eye, 4 months had passed. Never imagine that it would be this fast.
    This semester I had been quite lazy compare to the previous semester. I didn't studied much. I barely even do notes. Skipped lectures around 5-6 times. Hmm, seems like things are getting downwards.

    Nevertheless, I did gave a lot of effort in studying minor subjects. I read and memorized a lot for TITAS and Kemahiran Berfikir even though they are boring and less important compare to my law subjects. Unlike the 1st semester, for Hubugan Etnik, I didn't even bother doing pass year questions or finishing the text book. I hope through such extra effort I could get a better result this semester.

    Studying law this semester seems to be a little easier. Maybe my brain finally could accustomed with all those heavy texts and passive sentences in a full case. I no longer have any headache while reading Kevin Tan (Constitutional Law Book). Now, I can read the whole book without much problem unless I'm reading judgements from ancient judges (Lord Diplock !). Really can't stand their twisted vocabulary and grammar.

    I also noticed some minor changes in myself. Now I would read terms and condition in an agreement or on a receipt. Finally, my lawyer traits are emerging from my brain and soul. Studying law is a life long learning. I'll be using all the knowledge that I acquired from UKM, later in life.

    Hopefully, from now onwards, I could be a good lawyer/ law-student !
    Enjoy your holiday people :)


    Addicted to the book. Am totally into the book from the first chapter.

    Thursday, April 29, 2010

    Genting Trip !

    We (Me, Pinyin, Cora, Adi ,Chandra and Diyana) went to Genting Highlands yesterday :) It was magnificent ! We went for a day trip because Miss Cora had a flight to catch today. The trip started at 10.30 am. We missed the bus because Adi was late. So, we took the taxi to Perhentian Kajang. Then, we took another 2 hours bus trip to Genting from Kajang.
    At 1.00 pm, we reached Genting. After smelling the nice aroma from a nearby cafe, our tummies were sending S.O.S messages to our brain. I suggested Burger King, Chandra opted for Marrybrown and Pinyin wanted to go to Pizza Hut. So, we used the traditional way to settle it : La-La-Li-Tam-Tum. Pinyin won (curse her), so we went to Pizza hut for lunch. Surprisingly, I bumped into 2 beloved (not really) debate seniors - Xu Vin and Kevin Tan. I was being teased by them like usual. But it was fine since I somehow missed their sarcasm. Lols.
    Afterwards, we went to the Outdoor Theme Park. Paid RM 38. The first ride we played was the Spinner. It was a good warm up before going for the thriller rides but everyone was dizzy when we got down from our seats. Then the fun started from: Cyclone -> Pirate Ship (Not scary at all but Pinyin, Cora, Chandra and Diyana screamed their lungs out) -> Cork Screw (Awesome !) -> Go Kart (We waited for an hour for our turn but in the end, it was not that fun) -> Space Shot x 2-> (It was orgasmic. When that thing went down, my butt was alleviated from the seat !) -> Scary Space Ship (Lousiest among all the rides) -> Flying Dragon -> Cyclone -> Cork Screw x 2 -> Spinner. We chiaoz around 7pm.
    We went to Marrybrown for dinner. I ate the stupid Mee Kari MarryBrown, expensive and insuffiecient. Then, we walk around the shops at Genting and finally, we left Genting at 9.00pm sharp.

    Despite being tired, I really enjoy the trip. The RM 38 that I spent, really worth it (but not on the food though). Looking forward to another trip there with Choon Ming, John, Denise and Manfred. Hehe.

    Enjoy the photos :