Sunday, November 30, 2008

24th-30th November

Another week had passed by !

Monday :
Study history like no tomorrow , went to Sheena House for a group study with her and Su ching. Gain a little bit of confidence in History paper.

Tuesday :
Went to WGK house to study Micro-economy . Talk a bit . Around 10am , Chin Ket How came by . Group study ! Lunch with mum at Little Nanyang . Praying to heaven so i could do well in my micro paper.

Wednesday :
A very stressful day. Morning : History Paper , Evening : Micro-economy Paper.
Luckily I managed to survive . History paper got 1 question just wrote crap . Economy luckily i could do most of the question. Study Geography at night.

Morning :
Today i'm having my Geography paper. Luckily kinda easy . Extremly relieved cuz i had finished 3 paper ad. Laughing my way out from school cuz my other friends got Maths Paper at Noon. =)

Afternoon :
Went to sport complex for swimming since the weather was good . Saw Ah Tzun there , teaching kids to swim. Crap a bit with him .

Friday :
Extremely free !~ Dota , Dota , Dota at night . Relaxing myself .

Saturday :
Dota from morning (8 am )to evening ( 5 pm ) with Bryan and Ah yiu . Can't stand it anymore so at night just rest.

Sunday :
Went out for lunch with Ah Ging cuz too bored . Afternoon later maybe go swimming .

Sunday, November 23, 2008

History and Economy

I'm RUNNING OUT OF TIME ! .... Next Wednesday i'll be having 2 paper in a row !

The good news is I still got 2 day left . In other hand, I haven't start revising .
I'll just have to force myself to memorize all the point's like a god .

God do look after me .

Friday, November 21, 2008

New Eyewear

Since I did well in my final exam, i got myself a new pair of eyewear from Levi's . =)
The Case
Nice !

The Logo =)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A stressful day ...

Today i just had my PA paper 2 ( General Knowledge) . Stressful , although i'm a optimist but still that paper strained my brain a lot !

Erm... I guess i did well today ! , Let's pray that the examiner is a kind-hearted and easy-going person. Tomorrow i will be having my HISTORY PAPER ! woo hoo.

Wish me luck . Arigato

Monday, November 17, 2008


At last ! STPM will start tomorrow ...
Can't explain myself now. Somehow im very excited about it ( No idea).
Tomorrow i'll be taking my PA paper 2 . Hope i will do my very best in this exam.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wen Jie Bday

Some lovely picture during Wen Jie Bday.
Lol, I think Su ching will like it
Siao Ching Fav( Didnt Bought it )

Kiss From Gf


Saturday, November 8, 2008


I'm starting to nervous lately because i afraid i can't score at my History paper =( .

Although i got good marks in my school exam but i don't think i really show my potential cuz I always get hints from my sej teacher . Shitnya...

So now i need to focus in studying my History paper !~ Welcome to Hell.

Btw, I'm gaining weight lately . Sangat the Gembira . =) 66kg at the moment .

I think i need to keep exercising.

I had ended my FF3 !

So no more excuse i suppose.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Graduate !

This week is my last week at school !

Good Bye to the teachers and the tight discipline rules . *my hair will not be bald again !*

However , this mean that i can't see my St. Marian friends anymore . No more funny talks and pranks =(. Anyway i could still see them during STPM period. ( Not a good idea)

In these few days , i didn't study at all cuz i was addicted to FINAL FANTASY III ! Since i know i can't focus in studying if i didn't finish my game so I told myself to finish the game as soon as possible ( a VERY BAD excuse i suppose HaHaHa)

I shall end this game in no time !

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Birthday Week

This week i got 3 friends celebrating their birthday ! Eg Su Ching , Li Keat and Wen Jie ( Tonight )
I had a bad news , which is the youth exchange program to Japan seems uncertain ! The Rotarion said that Japan didn't show any signs in accepting students from Malaysia . ( WHY !?)
I think i might just have to spend my long holiday next year .. WORKING ! =(
However, i got 81 mark's in my trial Oxford Replacement Listening Test ! My score was equivelent to IELTS 7.0 mark . Not bad huh ? Lol . I think i can survive at Overseas.
Later accompany Fiona dinner cuz her parent's were out. *broke*
Anyway , HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL MY FRIENDS ! Wishing you all have a wonderful year ahead.

Li Keat Birthday !

Last Thurday (30th Oct) celebrated Li Keat 19th B'day at Nak Hotel Rooftop !
Well, i had never been there before but the place turn out to be a magnificent place !! Woo Hoo. A new Secret Spot ! The interior design was awesome and the drinks were good.
A view of Sandakan
The Birthday Girl

Ah Liau and Me ( Playing Poker actually)

The Stair's ( very artistic)

Li Keat's Bday Cake and A special Cheese Tart ( written Happy B'day to Chang Li Keat) by her BF