Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Masarap - Philippine Cuisine

Last Saturday, we went to Masarap, the one and only Philippine Cuisine in Sandakan. The food is delicious but most of the dishes is not halal. The restaurant also has a live band singing every night and a cool ambiance.

We (me and Fiona) exuberantly promoted this restaurant in front of Grace while we were playing lami last week and unluckily I managed to "earn" a lot on that night, so they insisted that I have to treat them at Masarap. :S

They eat with gluttons, especially Mr.Keong.
All smiles when we left.I guess they enjoyed my RM120 dinner.

Slowpokes: Mr. Tat and Ms Grace Vun
(They asked me to be on time but they were 40mins late)

Ms Fiona Fong with her favourite beef dish.

Ms. Keong promoting his minced meat and egg with egglant.

Me with my favourite dish: Kare-Kare (not halal).
That sauce is made from peanut butter :D

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