Saturday, May 22, 2010

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <-- Yuck

~~~ symbol being added to the end of your every sentence, seriously induce puking and a great desire to beat you up half dead.

I wonder why,people like around 20's still would want to act cute in Facebook. HMMMM ! I thought they should have passed the "La-la period" already but nope, still stuck there.

Hehe ~, Shu~, XD~ , Hi~ XD, Lol~ , Gud Night~

ARGHH!!! Maybe once awhile is ok but in each and every sentences with that symbol..... Haih... seriously, stop it people !

P/S: Same goes to people who type like this : Hi, My NaMe Is JeReMy ^_^. They need some psychiatrist.


Gine said...

PsYcHiAtRiSt? Really~~~~~~~?

hahahahaahah ;p

Jeremy said...

erm.. yeah. *searching for his baseball bat*

lol hahhahah !

pinyin said...

lol or gud nite is a normal terms used by everyone lar... i use that everyday... lol= laugh out loud...its not considered as la la like u have said... =='' swt... n u do not wish ppl ''gud nite''?? jeremy, jeremy.... sigh...

Jeremy said...

obviously ! u didn't read my blog carefully. is not about the simplified words. its (~~~) being added at the ended of those words. this symbol ~~~~~. apologize before you make urself look dumber

kentfui said...

Ya ya.. I don't like people type his/her name with the "FANCY" style like that too. Very childish indeed.