Thursday, April 29, 2010

Genting Trip !

We (Me, Pinyin, Cora, Adi ,Chandra and Diyana) went to Genting Highlands yesterday :) It was magnificent ! We went for a day trip because Miss Cora had a flight to catch today. The trip started at 10.30 am. We missed the bus because Adi was late. So, we took the taxi to Perhentian Kajang. Then, we took another 2 hours bus trip to Genting from Kajang.
At 1.00 pm, we reached Genting. After smelling the nice aroma from a nearby cafe, our tummies were sending S.O.S messages to our brain. I suggested Burger King, Chandra opted for Marrybrown and Pinyin wanted to go to Pizza Hut. So, we used the traditional way to settle it : La-La-Li-Tam-Tum. Pinyin won (curse her), so we went to Pizza hut for lunch. Surprisingly, I bumped into 2 beloved (not really) debate seniors - Xu Vin and Kevin Tan. I was being teased by them like usual. But it was fine since I somehow missed their sarcasm. Lols.
Afterwards, we went to the Outdoor Theme Park. Paid RM 38. The first ride we played was the Spinner. It was a good warm up before going for the thriller rides but everyone was dizzy when we got down from our seats. Then the fun started from: Cyclone -> Pirate Ship (Not scary at all but Pinyin, Cora, Chandra and Diyana screamed their lungs out) -> Cork Screw (Awesome !) -> Go Kart (We waited for an hour for our turn but in the end, it was not that fun) -> Space Shot x 2-> (It was orgasmic. When that thing went down, my butt was alleviated from the seat !) -> Scary Space Ship (Lousiest among all the rides) -> Flying Dragon -> Cyclone -> Cork Screw x 2 -> Spinner. We chiaoz around 7pm.
We went to Marrybrown for dinner. I ate the stupid Mee Kari MarryBrown, expensive and insuffiecient. Then, we walk around the shops at Genting and finally, we left Genting at 9.00pm sharp.

Despite being tired, I really enjoy the trip. The RM 38 that I spent, really worth it (but not on the food though). Looking forward to another trip there with Choon Ming, John, Denise and Manfred. Hehe.

Enjoy the photos :


pinyin said...

say thank u to me!!! if i didnt wont that, u would not have bump into ur frens at pizza hut..haha :P u owe me a thank u!!

Jeremy said...

wow ! someone seems to be overreacted here. Hahahah

pinyin said...

i always overreacted...... haha..happy holidays!