Saturday, April 25, 2009

Books Alert : Finance Book's by Azizi Ali ( Millionaire are from different a Planet ! ) and ( The Millionaire in Me)

Lately, I'm very obsessed with finance and investment (since I have the spare time anyway) . So, I just bought 2 books from ebay written by Azizi Ali( It cost me RM 55 for 2 books. sigh). Millionaires are from a from a different Planet! and The Millionaire in Me.

Personally, I don't really like the context and the info from Millionaires are from a Different Planet ! . The book just teach us basic stuffs about finance management
. I want to learn more in value investing . PE ! EPS ! Growth Rate ! ROI !. I recommend self-millionaires books from Adam Khoo instead . They are way better. ( Even the pages are nicer ! ) Perhaps I need to buy other books from him in order to learn those stuff's.
My Rating : 2 over 5

My Rating : 3 over 5

Thursday, April 23, 2009

21.4.09 - Unit Amanah Saham ( ASM and ASW 2020)

Yesterday,accompanied Fiona to go to buy some shares in ASM . Luckily she managed to buy her shares quickly in RHB Bank rather than going to Maybank instead because there are loads of Asau there waiting to get their hands on the ASM.

I think many people will prefer buying Unit Trust from ASNB because most of their fund are capital protected fund with an average distribution rate of 6-8%. (Obviously higher then FD 2%).

Last year, ASM distribution rate is at 7.8 sen (7.8%) while this year is around 6.25%.

ASW 2020 will be opened around 27.4.2009. Their rates are quite similar with ASM (6-8%) but I still yearn for much higher rates .

Hmm, I need to study more. However, those who didn't managed to buy shares with ASNB there are also alternatives. Actually there are quite number of capital protected funds out there but their fees are quite high(trustee fee, entry fee, management fee. etc ) but depends on which fund we wan to choose and do choose wisely .

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

20/4/09 - D'Venice

Tonight went out for a drink with Fiona and Ah Ging . The purpose for tonight to hang out together is to shop my new laptop to Fiona . She kept complaining about my new laptop .


Since she have been planning to buy a Sony Vaio Laptop. That's why other brands are dead in her eyes (Maniac) .Even though there were 3 of us . However that Ah Ging , kept playing his laptop , so only I and Fiona fooling around using the web cam.

Act cute there....(Not ME)
Pic 2

Lol... She was scolding me .

After that , rain started to pour followed by a thunderstorm . I forgot to bring my glasses with me today. Luckily, I got great intuition (To Critics : don't criticize me here . I'm just kidding) so I managed to drive safely back home after sending Fiona back and Ah Ging go to Taman Mawar .

Sunday, April 19, 2009



Thursday, April 16, 2009

Song Alert : Therapy by India Arie

I heard this song over the radio yesterday and I'm getting all addicted with this song for the whole day. Can't help it so I search this song out . Never heard of this singer (India Arie) before but her voice and her songs is superb !

MUST check her songs out .

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

14/4/2009 : Dinner with my Schoolmates

Last Night, I went for a dinner with my St Mary Schoolmates at Sandakan Golf Club. It was planned by Sheena since she will be leaving to KL today.

Talked and Chatted like no tomorrow since all of us haven't been seeing each other since Chinese New Year ! Su Ching seems getting skinnier and paler. She have been sick for the whole month and yet doctors in Sandakan is still unable to detect what is going wrong in her body. Hell to Sandakan's Doctors.

Su Ching will be attending USCI soon. I hope Miss Oizien will look out for her though. Although you are a bit selfish and cold . Just be kind and warm for once. Ok ? Hahaha.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Beautiful Sunset

Great View in Evening !
Managed to see an incredible sunset today .

The Skies in Crimson Red
Seems like an aurora but not .

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Teacher/Mr. Kelvin Lee Wedding

This actually an occasion happened around January but since Ah Ging forgot to give me back my pendrive till yesterday . So I finally can upload this post today.

Early in the morning , we went to his house to get prepared. He seems nervous lolz.

When we arrived at the bride's house, the girls prepared some challenges.
Mr Lee seems had underestimated them .

In consequence, he suffers(that egg is no ordinary egg(spicy)).

At last , the bride and the groom .

Their wedding cake.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Why is your BUFFERING slow ?

Fatimah told me that she can't/lazy to view Youtube because it was slow .
I think she might haven't change her settings in viewing those video clips !!!

1st step : Right Click the video clip . Then Click settings.

2nd Step: Max out the storage to Unlimited !

I hope this will help Fatimah out . If not I think it's because your line is tooo slowww.
However, that's not the reason to not view my posts in my blog. You must check it out Fatimah !

Sister Act - Happy Day

Great Song !
That boy can sing,talk about the high notes.

Song Alert : Playa's Gets Lonely by R Kelly

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Online Shopping

I think online shopping is another great way to buy stuffs . After all, we pay cheaper price for a same item that we want to buy from a retail shop .

This is the Way of a Smart Consumer ! (cilaka oi,this doensn't mean cheap)

Although some of us might think shopping online is unsafe because of frauds and scams in the net.

Personally, I recommend Ebay! lolz
The reason is that we can check the seller detail in Ebay !

As we can see above , we definitely can shop with this seller.

Why ? because this seller had more than 7000 buyer buying from him ! This seller is really committed in making a online business . So it's safe to shop with him.However , there are some sellers in Ebay with 0 feedback's . It's quite dangerous since no one have been doing transaction with them . It depends on us whether to trust them.

Other sites to shop:

Great place to shop but there are a lots of "AAA" products especially in branded items.

Be careful =).

Many things to buy ! However we can't check the sellers details like in Ebay.
Mudah to scam or mudah to buy ? Hmm!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


Wtf.. sgt wft ....among my friends today, I'm the only one unable to do any sit up. Don't know why but doing sit up is like asking me to kill a cow using my own hands.

This is a very critical situation.

No wonder my abs didn't show any improvement at all. I totally can't bend myself. Why???

Sorry : I forget to bring my cell phone today :) . Don't scold me

Song Alert : No More by Heidi Montag

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


What is wrong with the tertiary education system in Malaysia ? Argh, the process to apply into a Local Uni is soooooooo long. From what I heard , the result of our application is around June ! . (Wtf.. really wtf).

I hope I can get into UKM (Kajang)! Haha since that University is the nearest to my friends in Selangor. Despite UM since the uni requirement is so damn high. 4.00 GPA to study law there. ( Alhamdulilah .. which means 4 A's in STPM).

My second choice is at UIAM. Sound weird eh ? It's because this UNI is an International Islam University. The Uni regulation is as tight as a rope hanging around my neck. Lolz. Say hello to long pants and long sleeve shirts(might as well a songkok) and good bye to freedom. However, it is located in Gombak and the Uni is quite famous for studying law.

Other then this 2 Uni, I might ended up in UUM(Kedah) or UDM(Terengganu). Crossing my finger .
Please don't let it happen to me.


I am stuck at home doing nothing lately.
The things that I can do now is just eat , sleep and NDS . Well, I have to agree that I'm very addicted with the NDS ! So, please dont get all suprise when I didnt show up in MSN ( Oizien).

Addicted to Sudoku

Playing the new SUDOKU game in my NDS is reallllyyyy hard. Its way harder then the SUDOKU from Brain Training . I just played the Medium level and it took me 30 minutes to finish it . Wtf..