Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Personality Test - Sound Tastes !

I came across a personality test that based on individuals sound tastes from an old copy of Reader's Digest (October 2009). Check it out.

Blues : High self-esteem,creative,outgoing and at ease.

Rock/Heavy Metal : Low self-esteem,creative,not hardworking,not outgoing, gentle, at ease.

Rap : High self-esteem,outgoing.

Opera : High self-esteem,creative,gentle.

Country : Hardworking and outgoing.

Soul : High self-esteem,gentle, at ease,creative,outgoing.

Reggae : High self-esteem,gentle, at ease,creative,outgoing,not hardworking.

Dance : Creative,outgoing,not gentle.

Indie : Low self-esteem,creative,not hardworking,not gentle.

Bollywood : Creative and outgoing.

Jazz : High self-esteem, at ease,creative,outgoing.

Classical Music :High self-esteem,introvert, at ease,creative.

Chart Pop : High self-esteem,not creative,hardworking,not at ease.


Dupicalz said...

what if the person likes a few the personality kinda clashes....

Jeremy said...

hahah ... they neutralize each other