Monday, May 31, 2010

Ahhhh ! Dilemma

Darn it ! As I have said before, my parents finally agreed to buy me a car in West Malaysia ( Yeah!) but the problem is my parents got a bible of requirements for me. zzzzz

From dad, the car must be 1-2 years old and no Proton Car, mum said the car must be an auto car. Sigh, furthermore dad doesn't like cars from Korea too (hard to find spare parts if the car breakdown).. Bye bye Hyundai and Kia.

Shitty.Now, my choices are being limited to 1-2 models.

I guess it would take a lot of effort to convince them. Sigh

Saturday, May 22, 2010

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <-- Yuck

~~~ symbol being added to the end of your every sentence, seriously induce puking and a great desire to beat you up half dead.

I wonder why,people like around 20's still would want to act cute in Facebook. HMMMM ! I thought they should have passed the "La-la period" already but nope, still stuck there.

Hehe ~, Shu~, XD~ , Hi~ XD, Lol~ , Gud Night~

ARGHH!!! Maybe once awhile is ok but in each and every sentences with that symbol..... Haih... seriously, stop it people !

P/S: Same goes to people who type like this : Hi, My NaMe Is JeReMy ^_^. They need some psychiatrist.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Perception !

What do you think ?
Is the glass half full or half empty ?

Answer : If you answered the glass is half full then you are optimistic.
If you answered the glass is half empty then you are pessimistic.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Im gonna commit suicide soon

ARGHH!! Sandakan is really really boring ! Not only boring but also hot ! I wonder why Sandakan's weather is way hotter compare to KL. Maybe due to lack of tall buildings ? Argh. I don't care. Air-Con - 24/7

BUT ! at least I met some old buddies here. Glad to see Ah Ging and Ah Yiu (Karaoke) and also Loong, Vui Goh, Fei and Ah Khen(Yumcha).

Hope to see Fiona, Grace and Siao Ching soon. They seem busy this week.

God, lead me away from the path of boredom pleaseee !

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm Back !

I finally reached Sandakan yesterday evening. Curse stupid MAS for delaying an hour.Anyway, I'm glad that I could come back home after a long absent (5months!). Now, I got 2 months to waste :D

Since, Sandakan doesn't have a decent bookstore and also, I am running out of books to read. I decided to grab The Lord of The Rings for my holiday. It was cheap (RM107) since the book I bought was a combination of the 3 separate books (RM130 if,bought separately). Can't wait to let myself drown in the world of Middle Earth.

Last week, during the UKM IV, I managed to listen to some Glee episodes. I come across this song - Defying Gravity. It was mind captivating. Hehe. Check it out people :)

There are also some new songs that I find soothing: Solo by Iyaz, Your Love Is My Drug by Kesha, Body Language by Jesse Mccartney and Down (Slow Version) by Jay Sean.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Another thrilling week :)

Hi people !
Sorry for the late entry (as if zillions of people viewing my blog) but nevertheless, it's time for me to update my blog.

Lets start with my debating stuffs first, my record for UKM IV was 2 win and 3 losses. 2 from the 3 losses were seriously because of me. I'm very sorry to Prethi and Thiru for screwing our chance in breaking into the quarters. My speaker score was around 73.7. very sucky indeed. BUT at least, I had fun during the IV.

Then, I went to Bukit Tinggi on Monday to celebrate Oizien's Bday with Vivian but before that I would like to thank JASON TOH for saving my ass, my life is yours :). Then,we (notwithstanding-Jason) went crazy throughout the whole trip. We even teased Oizien's sister (are we drunk ? no idea) Took a lot of picture.

Afterwards, I went to Cameroon Highlands with Vivian. For me, the trip was fine but Vivian was really hard to please: when she was grumpy and having her mood swing. Now, I'm staying at Bryan's place. Thank you BRYAN CHONG for adopting me. I seriously owe you a big time here.

P/S - Pictures coming soon :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Countdown !

1 more day to UKM Intervasity (Debate) !
Very nervous....
zzzz. Am really hoping to do well in these tourney.
Jeremy.... It's about time for you to show some improvement here !

Current Feeling :

Wish me luck !