Friday, August 27, 2010

A breath of fresh air !

Finally, I can ethically relax myself because I'm done with Tort and International Trade Law tests in this week !

So, yesterday, we gave ourselves an excuse to have fun :)
Kami pergi ke Alamanda, Putrajaya (15 mins drive from UKM) to watch the latest Step Up 3:

-Loads of dance scene-

Then, we went to have dinner at Sushi King (because Nando's Chicken was crowded) but the service sucks. Most of us had waited a year for the foods to be served. On the plus side,the waiter gave me a free Unagi Temaki because I'm too good looking he forgotten to add it into my bill.

Lucky me :)

Photos :


A great picture by John

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Makanan !

Read and view this post at your own risk !
Oily and fattening foods might be bad for your health.
Or you might ended up chewing miscellaneous object or worse, hallucinating about food for the next 24 hours due to the yummy pictures below.

I'm craving for :

Nando's Chicken Chop !

Ice Creams from Baskin Robbins :B

Kim Gary's French Toast !

Madam Kwan's Nasi Lemak

Old Town's White Coffee

How I wish all these foods can miraculously appear before me.
I'm so hungry. Sigh.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fish Spa

Last month, I went to Morino Kaze Fish Reflexology Centre. It's located in a building in between Starhill and Lot 10.

At that time, I was really tired of shopping and walking with my mum and she insisted to go to Pavilion. Luckily, a promoter gave me the shop's flier and I *humbly* declined my mum's invitation. Hohoho.

It was a very ticklish experience. Those fishes must had been starved for few days because they bit my feet like no tomorrow (not because of my feet got a lot of dead skins !).The session lasted for 30 mins and it cost me RM 28. I think is worth it because my feet now is still very smooth. Go and try it out people !

Morino Kaze !

Great Ambience

Fish spa !

To avoid unnecessary vomiting or puking, I mosaicked my legs.

Thursday, August 19, 2010



Lately, I seem to be a little cranky (sorry Manfred :< ) and only god knows why.

Emptiness is all I felt... as if I am lost in the sea of people

I think something is still missing in me.

Privacy ? Sleep ? Love ? Studies ? Improvement ? Family ? Money ? Exercise ?


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Weekly Update !

Hi everyone, tomorrow I'm going to have my criminal law mid-semester test. And yet, I'm now still facing the computer, why huh ?

Last weekend, I went for IIUM Open (debate tournament) and I managed to break into Quarter Finals (Top 16 teams among 83 participating teams) ! I think most likely was due to Kok Joo's help. So, I want to express my utmost gratitude to him for being a wonderful debate partner throughout the whole tourney. To me,it was a good experience in improving my confidence, my analysis as well as my argumentation. Hopefully, all these will turn me into a better debater in the future.

Adios people ! :>

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Trip At Pesta Konvo

Just now, I went to another college,Kolej Rahim Kajai to have my dinner with Pin Yin and Manfred. I'm out of money lately (sigh) and to save cost, I ate Qiao Huey's dinner, hohoho.
After that, we went to Pesta Konvo because our butts couldn't sit still. To our surprise, the pesta was not congested at all. Perhaps,today it is still the first day so not many humans know about the existence of the pesta.

Anyhow,we did a lot of window shopping (I bet RM500 that most of the dealers wanted to kill us) . Nonetheless, I managed to buy some stuffs, check it out:

1. Jibbitz for my Crocs - RM 3

2. A pair of new slippers - RM 11. (PY: Red, Manfred: Green, Mine: Brown)

Each of us bought a pair of flippers because of Manfred's sweet talking.I think he can be a spokesperson for Flippers. Anyway, Flippers' slippers are superbly comfortable and just by wearing it, I feel much taller (lol).

Overall,it was a fun evening for me :)