Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hectic Camps......

Holidays !!!!!
Wow .... something nice for me to relax myself but too many camping and trips going on and I hardly can get any rest ..

Well ... is not that bad since I can still to get to know and learn something from the trip I that join.
The first camp that I joined is my School CAMP !! ... one word to describe the camp is : NUTS.

WHY ?? The food sucks.. and the accomadation was like living with vivian's dogs.. however the schedule planned for us was quite nice ... Activities like hiking , swimming and sleeping ( the teacher didnt plan this .. I just make this up to cover the other boring activities)....

Thank god I got some of my friends like ANG , CHUNG , QUEK and TENG accompany me although my BUDDIES : LIAU TECK LOONG AND WAN GEE KANG lefted me alone ... shit u guys.