Sunday, June 13, 2010


Most teenagers feel their parents are annoying and intimidating. Especially, when they get nagged or scolded by their parents. I too thought my dad was a very intimidating person back then.

To me, there was a period of time, which I don't really want to engage with my folks. We are not in the same universe, I felt.

Today, I see him in a whole different light. Somehow, my perception has changed.During the trip to Bilit yesterday,we talked a lot.

Below is one of the conversations we had :

Me : Dad, in 60 years of your life, you must have experienced the ups and downs in life. Can you tell me what should I do if I face hardships or failures in my life.

Dad : Move on.

Me : Huh ?

Dad : Yup, when we are facing the worst moment in life, the best way you can take, is to move on. The sooner the better. Don't waste time dwelling in the past but focus in moving forward to the next chapter.

Me : *astonished* Yeah, that's true.


pinyin said...

tat time u were having ur teenage period mar...most of the teenagers felt tat way.. u are all grown up, ways of thinking also change

Jeremy said...

hehe.. yeah i felt that too :)

Denise.K said...

i bet dad's exact words were "hopeless la u, just move on la" haha=p seriously jerm, datz y i told u to go home. it always feels good to be with daddy n mummy

Jeremy said...

hahah... thanks den ! glad to hear something nice from you