Friday, June 25, 2010

Yiruma - River Flows in You

Check it out :D

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Path Not Taken

One path leads to a plain and simpler life while another path leads to more challenging and hectic life.

I choose the latter one (now). A path leads to more challenging lifestyle often accompanied with perks and experiences. I just entered my twenties and I still have many years ahead of me. Being complacent with a fixed salary, staying with our parents and live in a small town, is not yet in my dictionary.

An ordinary lifestyle in my view is meant for people in their retirement years. It's for people who had enough of excitement and challenges. Which eventually leads them to settle down and enjoys their remaining bits of life.

But for young adults, I think they should brave themselves up, step out from the box and face a more challenging world that awaits them.

Life should be as colorful as a rainbow. :)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

The idle life in Sandakan.

My hypothesis about holidays is correct - Holiday is cool, awesome and great IF it's for one to two weeks time. If it gets longer than that, things go downward.

Now, I'm experiencing the 4th week of my holiday in Sandakan. Things are getting duller here.My routine has been repeating incessantly in these 4 weeks: eat , sleep,television, surfing the internet and few hanging out sessions with my hometown friends.

I should have found a job.I'll be a zombie soon.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Personality Test - Sound Tastes !

I came across a personality test that based on individuals sound tastes from an old copy of Reader's Digest (October 2009). Check it out.

Blues : High self-esteem,creative,outgoing and at ease.

Rock/Heavy Metal : Low self-esteem,creative,not hardworking,not outgoing, gentle, at ease.

Rap : High self-esteem,outgoing.

Opera : High self-esteem,creative,gentle.

Country : Hardworking and outgoing.

Soul : High self-esteem,gentle, at ease,creative,outgoing.

Reggae : High self-esteem,gentle, at ease,creative,outgoing,not hardworking.

Dance : Creative,outgoing,not gentle.

Indie : Low self-esteem,creative,not hardworking,not gentle.

Bollywood : Creative and outgoing.

Jazz : High self-esteem, at ease,creative,outgoing.

Classical Music :High self-esteem,introvert, at ease,creative.

Chart Pop : High self-esteem,not creative,hardworking,not at ease.

Monday, June 14, 2010

New Book ! - The Six Sacred Stones

I was really bored when I had finished reading Lord of the Rings !
But, luckily I was able to "borrow" a book from my dads camp.
It was left behind by one of the tourist.
haha, thanks for the generosity :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Most teenagers feel their parents are annoying and intimidating. Especially, when they get nagged or scolded by their parents. I too thought my dad was a very intimidating person back then.

To me, there was a period of time, which I don't really want to engage with my folks. We are not in the same universe, I felt.

Today, I see him in a whole different light. Somehow, my perception has changed.During the trip to Bilit yesterday,we talked a lot.

Below is one of the conversations we had :

Me : Dad, in 60 years of your life, you must have experienced the ups and downs in life. Can you tell me what should I do if I face hardships or failures in my life.

Dad : Move on.

Me : Huh ?

Dad : Yup, when we are facing the worst moment in life, the best way you can take, is to move on. The sooner the better. Don't waste time dwelling in the past but focus in moving forward to the next chapter.

Me : *astonished* Yeah, that's true.

Day Trip to Bilit

Bilit is a small village located along the Kinabatangan River . It takes 2 hours drive from Sandakan. My dad's camp is located somewhere near there but need to take another 15 mins boat trip to reach there.

Since I got nothing to do, I agreed to accompany him for a day trip to his camp. I didn't bring along my digital camera so I used my phone to snap some pics but not much(just for the sake of blogging). The place is very serene and calm. It's a good place to escape from hectic and loud city life. I forgot to take pics around the camp because I was too occupied in eating lunch (lol). Perhaps, next time.

Driving to Bilit.

At the jetty

On the way to the camp. It was freaking hot. The sun shone strongly.

The bank of Kinabatangan River. No wildlife today.

At the Entrance.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Unbelievable !

Omg !

I have no idea what did I do during the exam... but the result was simply unbelievable !

Gosh, Am really overwhelmed by the result for my 2nd sem.

P/S: Article 15 sucks !