Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Birthday to Su Ching

Last Sunday we went to E-33( If i'm not mistaken) to celebrate Su Ching's Birthday !
It's fun =)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another Day Gone By

Today is Sunday. 26/10/2008
The weather condition is cloudy =(.
Woke up at 6am .
Switch on my computer .
Kinda piss off cuz my idiotic bro deleted my Anti-Virus Program.
No idea on how to revenge . Hmm

Anyway, later on at Sandakan Hotel will have a Education Roadshow . Looking forward to find something useful.

Tonight , Liau has planned a Birthday Party for Su Ching(Birthday). Not really anticipate about it, maybe due to the weather .

Preparation For Stpm : NG ( No Good), Barely touch my Book. Why am I so lazy ?


Yesterday went out with Siao Ching and Fiona ( Again ) for yumcha at QQ. We talked like no tomorrow . Maybe because we didn't see each other for a week , that's why got so many topic .

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Discipline Problem ?

Today, i got scolded for telling my friends about the grade's in their Testimonial.Hmph, IF YOU think the grade's are given correctly, why bother listening to what other teachers said. YOU OLD HAG !
Well, of course i told other's about the result cuz it was unfair . I got a B in my discipline .
WHY ? I didn't break any rules neither get any demerit mark from the discipline board . Who the hell are that teacher to judge my Discipline without any evidence?
If she put a B in my Manner's , i got nothing to say since i argued with a teacher before.. ( Damn you Old man! Mr . TC aka The Bastard) but getting a B in my discipline is just totally wrong .Wtf

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Something New

Seems like i had been absent for quite a period ....
Just wanna type out the latest news happening around me ....

Happy Part :
I managed to maintain my position in the Class .

Sad Part :
Bald again.. wtf
STPM is near !
Im still swinging my legs ... didnt study much.....
I got B's for my Manner's and Discipline in my testimonial ....... (Hell to St .Mary)
Losing weight (65kg -> 61kg) a very serious problem.... Need have some workout.......

Overall... Im not that happy i suppose ............. Shit !
Stpm in 3 Weeks ... yet i dont feel any tense or stress ... There must be some problem with my brain .............

Btw... I'm still confuse in choosing which course for my degree . Law or Business Studies ? Can someone tell me the pro's and con's of each course ?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


1 MONTH LEFT ~~ ... and i will be doom ...
STUDY !! ( Talk 'tin ha mou dik' , action ' yao sam mou lik ' )

A Malay Wedding

Last sunday , i attended a malay wedding with Sheena ...............

The bride was my friend(Maududi)'s sister =).. that's why i got invitiation .. Seems like my social network isn't that bad after all hehe ...
Since it was a malay wedding .. I went to herman's place to borrow some "baju melayu " . Respect ma...
The clothes was extremely easy to wear , very comfortable and very spacious ..
I thought i was naked ... During the wedding ... some of the idiots argued and had a fight ... Free show =)
One of my schoolmate(Amir)

The Malay Clothes ~ from Herman

Erm... a pic of mine

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Recent Activities~ ( For miss alexis info )

Last Night , I went for a dinner with Ah Ging and His Gang Mile 8 . We were actually looking forward for the porridge ~ However, too famous i supposed .... sold out ! ( We were there at 7.45 pm) So we asked for Corn and "Ham Choi' Soup Instead =)................
Wei Liang ( His Stomach Never Full)
Ging ( Always holding his camera , let it rest for a minute )
Lol... My Plate ( Some what ugly)
After ( No before lolx)
Hahah... At last we(ME, herman , sc , fiona and ah ging) went to the funfair .... Enjoyed our time there =) !!~~

Siao Ching behind the Ferris Wheel

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Highway Robbery

Wow... the retail price for the lastest Iphone model in Sandakan is RM4600...
Suprising ! I wonder why the price sky rocket so high compare to the price that i saw in Yahoo... ( $199)
If we just convert it , it just around RM 700 .... There is something fishy about this =/