Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A hectic Week update !

Happy hectic week to all my friends =)

We are having a lot of fun this 2 weeks preparing for our PBL and assignments. I'm so damn lazy laaa this week.Today I'm going to do my presentation for Hubungan Etnik ! One more going down(YES !) and I really hope to go to the debate camp =) I don't want to face anything about law during this weekend. (although on monday i got PBL for MLS ).

Aih, I don't know what should I update on my blog . zzz

On 4th of October is Mr. Tong Man Loong birthday !! wish him all the best even though i can't be with him during that holy day . Sigh but i know u will not pissed off right ? hehe I bet Bryan and You are planning a lot of sarcasm for me to chew in the following days... Hmmm

-My Boss-

Oh ya.. I dropped my phone again, ya i know this is the 2nd time =) Ya bring on the insult...So please don't mind me if i asked for your identity. BUT luckily I adapted a new concept in buying mobile phone lately, which is buying cheap phone under RM 200 . Glad I didn't drop any expensive phone.( Something that I shouldn't be proud off)

Hmm, I think thats all for this week. Wish me luck cuz I really need it.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sandakan Update

I'm back in Sandakan, my (lovely yet peaceful yet hot-like hell) hometown. In just 4 days, I went into 6+ eateries. Yumcha is the only thing that we do to waste our time in Sandakan =). I met a lot of friends ( very happy indeed) .

I haven't start studying any subject yet, shit !

BUT At least I've finished the motion that Ai Huey gave me as well as the my group assigments in Perucapan Awam. Lols.

I'm glad that I came back. Miss my room. Miss My Mum and Dad. Friends.

Nothing much have changed here but I noticed that :

a. The tree in front of my house was gone.
b. There is a new Japanese restaurant in town . "wagamama"
c. My mum is driving a company car.
d. There are lot of new STEAMBOAT restaurant ( Sandakan Latest Trend ).

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Alone in a deserted university

Holly molly ! UKM is closed due to the holidays, all students went back to their hometown to celebrate Hari Raya or not. I'm going back too but not today. My college was the creepiest place on earth. Not a single human being, not even monkeys around here. I thought at least my neighbour college ZABA should have some shops functioning or people walking around but not a single entity at there too. Gosh, UKM was like the loneliest place in Malaysia right now. I'm kinda regret to not go back earlier, curse you AIRASIA !

Anyhow, I'm leaving tomorrow. Just hope that I can get a cab or bus to the KTM station. I just can't stand it anymore. No food , No food , No food and No food is making me crazy. Luckily i bought some bread,cookies and instant soup( campbell,i should have buy more back then) before the university was closed, if not i might just die and rot in my own room.I'm going back to Sandakan ! Although I think I still need to study hmmm and talking(writting) about study i thought about my contract books... That William took my Alsagoff and Sakina Contract Books. How am I going to study for my PBL ?! Darn it. Now I need to carry that thick Visu book back to Sandakan.. Sigh.

Things I need to do back in Sandakan :
a. Need to at least memorize cases for each topic in Contract.
b. Read and understand more about Consti.
c. MLS - screw it, i'll study that later on.
d. Need to finish my MLS video, Booklet for HE and TM&UU.
e. Finish preparing my debate motion : THW extradite military deserters for Ai Huey.
f. Sing Karaoke
g. Go swimming
h. EAT A LOT !

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Commitment PROBLEM!

I'm honestly pissed off by some of my group members. Since this semeser is coming towards the end, there are tons of GROUP assignments waiting to be done and pass up. HONESTLY, I'm kinda sick with NO-commitment members. They make you feel frustrated and just delaying anything that you wanted to do.ASK YOU TO LOOK FOR INFORMATION ONLY DONG ! IS THAT SO HARD TO DO ? FACEBOOK SAHAJA - CANT YOU FB AFTER HELPING OUT ? Everyone of us, have the same assigments to do, yet some students doesn't seems to care AT ALL. 30 marks dude, yet you people still don't give a damn about it. YOU might been spoon fed for the past 18 years by your teacher but HONESTLY, you can't really expect me to spoon fed you. MAYBE you are thinking that somebody will take care of it since they also a part of the group BUT you suck, try to ask people whether you need to anything or not laa ! TONS of excuses, they thought they are the only one who need to wake up early in the morning. HELLO!! WE NEED TO WAIT FOR YOU PEOPLE TO SHOW UP! Excuses really dont work here, SORRY TO SAY THIS BUT I HOPED THAT NEXT SEMESTER ONWARDS I WONT STUCK WITH PARASITES IN MY GROUP ASSIGNMENTS. HONESTLY, LAW STUDENTS ARE MEANT TO BE SPECIAL but NOT SPECIAL IN A NEGATIVE WAY. lazy assess

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Ramadhan IV Debate at MMU

-Debatee Again-
Me, Farahin(middle) and Saiyba

Last weekend, I went for the Ramadhan IV debate at MMU. They set the debate style in British Parliament Stlye. The BP style was very new for me and my partner ( Farahin), I really must thank all the Seniors for teaching us the BP style on Friday night or else we are pure dead meat during the competition.

The competition was really an eye opening experience for me. In the competition,we(Juniors) were debating along with seniors from other Uni. I must say that almost all juniors didn't managed to break in to the quarters. IIUM 2 won the debate. I must say in this competition,I really enjoyed the way IIUM and UITM debaters in delivering their speech. Their command of english was absolutely in a higher level as well as the structure and rebuttals of the speech was very good.

I must say the way they debate was absolutely impressing. I do wish that someday I can become as fluent and as good as they were. (need more practise and reading)

Ps: I thank Farahin for supporting me during the debate.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Phew! It's debate time !

Finish practising BP style of debating. Tomorrow i'll be going for a debate tournament at MMU. My very first national debate. Gosh damn nervous, hope what was said by Daryll won't be true cuz I'm absolutely not prepared for international motions. AIH! Crossing my fingers that I will do well for tomorrow's debate.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Life in UKM !

UKM - Law Faculty

I'm so sorry to my blog ! My blog had been abandon by me for almost 2 months. I'm quite sure there are many critics from my friends eg.Oizien.

Now I'm finally enrolled into UKM ( University Kebangsaan Malaysia) and I'm a student in the Law Faculty. Quite proud (hehe), since our faculty only have around 100 students(which is kinda less compare to other faculties in UKM).

In 1st year, the 3 main subject is Contract Law, Constitutional Law and Malaysia Legal System. Thank god because I still can survive in 3 of those subjects.

Contract law : Tons of Cases to memorize ! No kidding man. From English Cases to Malaysian Cases we need to memorize. Aih.

Consti Law : Lesser cases compare to Contract Law but one full case can make me commit suicide. The facts of the case as well as the judges deliberation in Constitutional Cases is so damn long. At least 10 pages but one thing I realize was that peoples who were always involved in Constitutional cases are CHINESE ! Seems unfair to them huh ? No idea.

MLS: The lecturer can kill. So damn boring, tutorial classes was even worst. Acting, Singing just to present our tutorial answer. Astaga... In this class we were more to clowns compare to lawyers . Sigh.

Update till now , WILL be continue..... (now got debate practise =)