Thursday, December 25, 2008

KK trip ! 21st-24th of December

Last Sunday went to KK with my Tawau Buddies !
Shopped like no tomorrow . I estimate that I spent around RM900 .
Well, i think it is still less compare to my other friends . Lolz
Bought a lot of stuff from Polo Shirt's to Padini Belts . Even a new Nike sling Bag !
Shop at Warisan , One Borneo and Wisma Merdeka.
But i lost my FOS t-shirt at One Borneo. Damn it.

To Friend going to KK :
Calvin Klien Jeans at One Borneo and Guess at Center Point got 50% discount ! lol.

Countdown for my birthday at 23th . My friends gave a surprise . Shoot them .
Glad that being with them especially with Kenneth n Roger ( although most of the time he was with his gf).
Hope that i will meet them soon.
Melissa Ma and I
At One Borneo

It would cost me 10 Bucks to take picture near there. So, for free i took a picture from above =P

Merry Christmas

Wishing all my friends and family a Merry Christmas !

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holiday Escape !

Tomorrow going to KK! Hope i could do some shopping and sightseeing ( I wonder want can i see in kk ).
Need some air.
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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Everyone changes from one phase to a better phase in a period of time.

From a joker to a more serious person.
From a teen to a young adult.
From a dummy to a smarter person.
From a follower to someone who could make their own decision.

Everyone is not the same , so we need to respect/except our friends new personality or lifestyle if we really appreciate or love them.
After all not everyone stays the same forever .

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bad Feeling

I don't think i can get 4a's in my STPM , thanks to my PA subject............ wtf
Ps: This msg is for Mr. Tzun

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Last Friday we ( Me, Su Ching , Liau , CKH,Ang, Kimberly , Li Keat ) decided to go for clubbing at E-33 . It's to celebrate that we are over with Form 6 !! woo hoO~ Have loads of fun. However , we got LSY, Winnie and Ah Fen join us ~ Liau try to drunk them as usual . lolz

Groupie( Drunk)

With Li Keat

Sudden capture from Ckh

CKH =)

We Danced

We Drank

We Fooled Around

We had fun

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Fall Asleep !


I slept from 7pm till 6am . Too tired i guessed. I'm so sorry , didn't meant to ignore all of my friends calls.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Time passes very quickly . I had finished my Form 6 Years in a blink !

For me , I don't think STPM is as hard as people says. Or maybe just me since Art Stream is way easier then Science Stream.

Glad to know a lot of friends in SM. St Mary. They brought me loads of laughter and surprises and
I appreciate all of them genuinely .

Although there are little things that I dislike in that school but overall i'm happy with it.
(well afterall i'm a very generous n forgiving person.lolx)

Afterall we all need to move forward someday .

Time to walkaway from Secondary School life.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Afternoon went to QQ with Mr. Tong Man Loong and Mr . Wong Ji Sheng.
Felt great cuz able to see them . It's been months didn't saw them.
Chit-Chat a bit.
I'm waiting for Mr. Wong Kia Tzun n Mr Yapp Hionk Hien !
Hope they will keep their promises.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

24th-30th November

Another week had passed by !

Monday :
Study history like no tomorrow , went to Sheena House for a group study with her and Su ching. Gain a little bit of confidence in History paper.

Tuesday :
Went to WGK house to study Micro-economy . Talk a bit . Around 10am , Chin Ket How came by . Group study ! Lunch with mum at Little Nanyang . Praying to heaven so i could do well in my micro paper.

Wednesday :
A very stressful day. Morning : History Paper , Evening : Micro-economy Paper.
Luckily I managed to survive . History paper got 1 question just wrote crap . Economy luckily i could do most of the question. Study Geography at night.

Morning :
Today i'm having my Geography paper. Luckily kinda easy . Extremly relieved cuz i had finished 3 paper ad. Laughing my way out from school cuz my other friends got Maths Paper at Noon. =)

Afternoon :
Went to sport complex for swimming since the weather was good . Saw Ah Tzun there , teaching kids to swim. Crap a bit with him .

Friday :
Extremely free !~ Dota , Dota , Dota at night . Relaxing myself .

Saturday :
Dota from morning (8 am )to evening ( 5 pm ) with Bryan and Ah yiu . Can't stand it anymore so at night just rest.

Sunday :
Went out for lunch with Ah Ging cuz too bored . Afternoon later maybe go swimming .

Sunday, November 23, 2008

History and Economy

I'm RUNNING OUT OF TIME ! .... Next Wednesday i'll be having 2 paper in a row !

The good news is I still got 2 day left . In other hand, I haven't start revising .
I'll just have to force myself to memorize all the point's like a god .

God do look after me .

Friday, November 21, 2008

New Eyewear

Since I did well in my final exam, i got myself a new pair of eyewear from Levi's . =)
The Case
Nice !

The Logo =)

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A stressful day ...

Today i just had my PA paper 2 ( General Knowledge) . Stressful , although i'm a optimist but still that paper strained my brain a lot !

Erm... I guess i did well today ! , Let's pray that the examiner is a kind-hearted and easy-going person. Tomorrow i will be having my HISTORY PAPER ! woo hoo.

Wish me luck . Arigato

Monday, November 17, 2008


At last ! STPM will start tomorrow ...
Can't explain myself now. Somehow im very excited about it ( No idea).
Tomorrow i'll be taking my PA paper 2 . Hope i will do my very best in this exam.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wen Jie Bday

Some lovely picture during Wen Jie Bday.
Lol, I think Su ching will like it
Siao Ching Fav( Didnt Bought it )

Kiss From Gf


Saturday, November 8, 2008


I'm starting to nervous lately because i afraid i can't score at my History paper =( .

Although i got good marks in my school exam but i don't think i really show my potential cuz I always get hints from my sej teacher . Shitnya...

So now i need to focus in studying my History paper !~ Welcome to Hell.

Btw, I'm gaining weight lately . Sangat the Gembira . =) 66kg at the moment .

I think i need to keep exercising.

I had ended my FF3 !

So no more excuse i suppose.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Graduate !

This week is my last week at school !

Good Bye to the teachers and the tight discipline rules . *my hair will not be bald again !*

However , this mean that i can't see my St. Marian friends anymore . No more funny talks and pranks =(. Anyway i could still see them during STPM period. ( Not a good idea)

In these few days , i didn't study at all cuz i was addicted to FINAL FANTASY III ! Since i know i can't focus in studying if i didn't finish my game so I told myself to finish the game as soon as possible ( a VERY BAD excuse i suppose HaHaHa)

I shall end this game in no time !

Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Birthday Week

This week i got 3 friends celebrating their birthday ! Eg Su Ching , Li Keat and Wen Jie ( Tonight )
I had a bad news , which is the youth exchange program to Japan seems uncertain ! The Rotarion said that Japan didn't show any signs in accepting students from Malaysia . ( WHY !?)
I think i might just have to spend my long holiday next year .. WORKING ! =(
However, i got 81 mark's in my trial Oxford Replacement Listening Test ! My score was equivelent to IELTS 7.0 mark . Not bad huh ? Lol . I think i can survive at Overseas.
Later accompany Fiona dinner cuz her parent's were out. *broke*
Anyway , HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL MY FRIENDS ! Wishing you all have a wonderful year ahead.

Li Keat Birthday !

Last Thurday (30th Oct) celebrated Li Keat 19th B'day at Nak Hotel Rooftop !
Well, i had never been there before but the place turn out to be a magnificent place !! Woo Hoo. A new Secret Spot ! The interior design was awesome and the drinks were good.
A view of Sandakan
The Birthday Girl

Ah Liau and Me ( Playing Poker actually)

The Stair's ( very artistic)

Li Keat's Bday Cake and A special Cheese Tart ( written Happy B'day to Chang Li Keat) by her BF

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Birthday to Su Ching

Last Sunday we went to E-33( If i'm not mistaken) to celebrate Su Ching's Birthday !
It's fun =)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another Day Gone By

Today is Sunday. 26/10/2008
The weather condition is cloudy =(.
Woke up at 6am .
Switch on my computer .
Kinda piss off cuz my idiotic bro deleted my Anti-Virus Program.
No idea on how to revenge . Hmm

Anyway, later on at Sandakan Hotel will have a Education Roadshow . Looking forward to find something useful.

Tonight , Liau has planned a Birthday Party for Su Ching(Birthday). Not really anticipate about it, maybe due to the weather .

Preparation For Stpm : NG ( No Good), Barely touch my Book. Why am I so lazy ?


Yesterday went out with Siao Ching and Fiona ( Again ) for yumcha at QQ. We talked like no tomorrow . Maybe because we didn't see each other for a week , that's why got so many topic .

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Discipline Problem ?

Today, i got scolded for telling my friends about the grade's in their Testimonial.Hmph, IF YOU think the grade's are given correctly, why bother listening to what other teachers said. YOU OLD HAG !
Well, of course i told other's about the result cuz it was unfair . I got a B in my discipline .
WHY ? I didn't break any rules neither get any demerit mark from the discipline board . Who the hell are that teacher to judge my Discipline without any evidence?
If she put a B in my Manner's , i got nothing to say since i argued with a teacher before.. ( Damn you Old man! Mr . TC aka The Bastard) but getting a B in my discipline is just totally wrong .Wtf

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Something New

Seems like i had been absent for quite a period ....
Just wanna type out the latest news happening around me ....

Happy Part :
I managed to maintain my position in the Class .

Sad Part :
Bald again.. wtf
STPM is near !
Im still swinging my legs ... didnt study much.....
I got B's for my Manner's and Discipline in my testimonial ....... (Hell to St .Mary)
Losing weight (65kg -> 61kg) a very serious problem.... Need have some workout.......

Overall... Im not that happy i suppose ............. Shit !
Stpm in 3 Weeks ... yet i dont feel any tense or stress ... There must be some problem with my brain .............

Btw... I'm still confuse in choosing which course for my degree . Law or Business Studies ? Can someone tell me the pro's and con's of each course ?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


1 MONTH LEFT ~~ ... and i will be doom ...
STUDY !! ( Talk 'tin ha mou dik' , action ' yao sam mou lik ' )

A Malay Wedding

Last sunday , i attended a malay wedding with Sheena ...............

The bride was my friend(Maududi)'s sister =).. that's why i got invitiation .. Seems like my social network isn't that bad after all hehe ...
Since it was a malay wedding .. I went to herman's place to borrow some "baju melayu " . Respect ma...
The clothes was extremely easy to wear , very comfortable and very spacious ..
I thought i was naked ... During the wedding ... some of the idiots argued and had a fight ... Free show =)
One of my schoolmate(Amir)

The Malay Clothes ~ from Herman

Erm... a pic of mine

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Recent Activities~ ( For miss alexis info )

Last Night , I went for a dinner with Ah Ging and His Gang Mile 8 . We were actually looking forward for the porridge ~ However, too famous i supposed .... sold out ! ( We were there at 7.45 pm) So we asked for Corn and "Ham Choi' Soup Instead =)................
Wei Liang ( His Stomach Never Full)
Ging ( Always holding his camera , let it rest for a minute )
Lol... My Plate ( Some what ugly)
After ( No before lolx)
Hahah... At last we(ME, herman , sc , fiona and ah ging) went to the funfair .... Enjoyed our time there =) !!~~

Siao Ching behind the Ferris Wheel

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Highway Robbery

Wow... the retail price for the lastest Iphone model in Sandakan is RM4600...
Suprising ! I wonder why the price sky rocket so high compare to the price that i saw in Yahoo... ( $199)
If we just convert it , it just around RM 700 .... There is something fishy about this =/

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

To : Ah Tzun


Since you teased us(Me,vivian,oizien and fook yee) a lot in term of using our nickname....

I think i need to discuss with them about giving u a new title.....
How about HipBi ( BABi + hippotamus) or DuPir/TaGong ? ( Dugong + Tapir )
ARghh it's so hard... we will discuss this as soon as possible , please be patient cuz creating a new nickname for you is very hard and need a lot of work ... HEHEHE

A Boring Day...

.......Today is the most boring day I ever had..........

All i did was just playing the computer and sleeping ( The Best things)..
Why ~~~!!?

No date at all ... why ? Is it my social life really that bad ... It must be something to do with VIVIAN and OIZIEN .... cuz they are famous in being anti-social.

However , i found a nice korean song at youtube by Crown J and Seo In Young ...

On the positive side, i think im gaining some weight (lazy-ing) and getting fairer ( no sunlight).
What the fuck .... I DONT NEED TO THOSE STUFF!!....................
Aghhh.... Herman is back ! Lol.. hopefully got some plans later on ... or tomorrow .. or the day after tomorrow.. or the day after tomorrow tomorrow.............

Yesterday , went out with SC and Fiona .... haha had a loads of fun =)
Luckily i still have them around , Vivian coming back tomorrow ... no wonder today so bored...


PS : sorry for my grammar mistake, trying to improve here . And do date me .. THANKS lol

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Blueserver ( UCpro) Is Back!

To All Dota Gamers Out There,

Blueserver is back... with a new name UCpro ( wonder why ?) . Visit it at .

Even though is just a beta version, at least we can still play online =) heheheh

In two recent games , no lag occurred !!

However there are still leaver's in B3 ... ( when will they change?)

PS : To my friends, add my nick Badblitz6019

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Update !

Haha.... Holidays have arrive !!!!!!!!!!!

Went for a BBQ yesterday at one of my friends place.... Eat a lot ( Dont want to 'rugi' since I need to pay )

Last Wednesday accompany Fiona and Siao Ching buy clothes....... it was damn boring
They are very annoying and full of opinion .. It took 1 hour just in a single shop ...

Since too bored.... I took some pictures LOL!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

What Am I doing ...


*and i still picking my nose in front of the computer *

What is wrong with me ?!!

Tomorrow i'll be having my history paper...........
Shit ' Gigi' for cursing me to fail my paper...........

Later go out for a drink !!
Hope that i will study tonight ...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Final Exam

Hoho.... exam just started today ...

I don't think i did very well in today's geo paper .

Tomorrow is MicroEconomy .........!!
Ahh .. shit

I should be studying right now , why am i still in front of the computer?????
Oizien fault.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Ang !!

Enough with those political war in class,

Today is my friend birthday ( Mr . ANG).. hehe

He spend us a meal in KFC .... Thanks but somehow some uninvited guest come out from nowwhere till his bill become RM3++ lolz..

Feel sorry for him because most of the present they bought isn't that nice ... lol

Cant cover your bill that much eh? haha........
Anyway wish you have a nice and happy year ..
Happy Birthday

Backstabbing again

Lol... tada !
Here we go again ....
Lately some of us(include me ) cant stand a girl in our class... which leads us to form the '4+1' team...
Well, each of us dislike her for a particular reasons.

In my point of view ,
I felt that she was fake , annoying , bluff a lot (padini is not a very very famous brand) and too lc.
I dislike her attidude in blaming others for her own failure. For example : She failed her maths exam( single digit mark), then she would just say : cuz i didnt took add maths b4, thats why i fail . But she had been saying this idiotic reason for the pass 10 months . I dont think someone who study hard in 10 months will still cant get 40 marks to pass his/her maths tests in school.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Annoying Friends

My annoying friends refer to Ms . Cheong and and Ms. Wong

How annoying can they be ?

Ms Cheong
- Always gets me into trouble
- Always send me annoying messages . e.g Hi, JEREMY !!! im bored
- Always Brag about her stuff ( i didn't even ask about it )
- Always nudge me in msn ( erm.. not much just around 7-8 times )

The worst part is ... i somehow became her BFF ..? WHYY !!!!!

*betul-betul astaga*

Ms Wong
-Pain in the butt

The things she asked me to do for her :

- Ask me to ruin my Good Friend relationship
- Give her money to buy pills ( for losing weight)
- Too much ... i think i could write a novel just about her stuff.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hectic Camps......

Holidays !!!!!
Wow .... something nice for me to relax myself but too many camping and trips going on and I hardly can get any rest ..

Well ... is not that bad since I can still to get to know and learn something from the trip I that join.
The first camp that I joined is my School CAMP !! ... one word to describe the camp is : NUTS.

WHY ?? The food sucks.. and the accomadation was like living with vivian's dogs.. however the schedule planned for us was quite nice ... Activities like hiking , swimming and sleeping ( the teacher didnt plan this .. I just make this up to cover the other boring activities)....

Thank god I got some of my friends like ANG , CHUNG , QUEK and TENG accompany me although my BUDDIES : LIAU TECK LOONG AND WAN GEE KANG lefted me alone ... shit u guys.