Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fish Spa

Last month, I went to Morino Kaze Fish Reflexology Centre. It's located in a building in between Starhill and Lot 10.

At that time, I was really tired of shopping and walking with my mum and she insisted to go to Pavilion. Luckily, a promoter gave me the shop's flier and I *humbly* declined my mum's invitation. Hohoho.

It was a very ticklish experience. Those fishes must had been starved for few days because they bit my feet like no tomorrow (not because of my feet got a lot of dead skins !).The session lasted for 30 mins and it cost me RM 28. I think is worth it because my feet now is still very smooth. Go and try it out people !

Morino Kaze !

Great Ambience

Fish spa !

To avoid unnecessary vomiting or puking, I mosaicked my legs.

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