Thursday, January 28, 2010

Guess !

Priceless !
Hahahahahaha ! Try to guess who is this cute lady !

Ps : I'm just kidding. Please don't call and scold the hell out of me.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


What am I doing this week :

Got test on Thursday and Friday. Very lost cuz I don't know where to begin my revision.

Managed to do 2 tutorial question. Tomorrow, will finish all of it. Plus, need to memorise some cases too. Sigh.

Tonight got debate practice. I think I'll skip my Ko-K class tonight.

*Glup* I'm reading a novel/book entitled Pride and Prejudice. Hopefully, I might finish it by this week.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Borneo = 1 Malaysia

Omg. This post is awesome !

View/Read this people ! :

Hmm, seems like Malaysia is no longer a safe place to stay anymore. Racial tension seems growing day by day. Aih. What a sad sad thing.

I've always try to ignore all the controversy here but here, things really get overboard.

Cuz now we got :
Khairy: BN Youth on mission to explain Allah row in Sabah and Sarawak. *AHHHHHHH*

Oh Shit ! Finally, the worst thing can happen to Sabahans and Sarawakians is now becoming a reality. Omgggg, go fuck yourself at somewhere else dude !
[Thailand maybe] .

Now the goons that always use racial agenda to create propaganda in West Malaysia is coming to Borneo? - OMG *Jaw drop*. The situation in Borneo have always been calm and peaceful.There are no objections or whatsoever. Why some idiots insist to create chaos there ?

Sooner or later, we might as well migrate to somewhere else. Canada perhaps ? I miss the snow as well as the recognition of fundamental liberties . *sigh*

Friday, January 22, 2010

Hmm - Sad Case No. 2

Sigh, it seems like I'm experiencing a series of unfortunate events.

1.I lost my glassess. Fine. I managed to get a new one. (Ouch ! My wallet hurts !)

2.Next week got Constitutional Law and Contract Law tests. Sigh x3 . I haven't prepare for Consti !

3. I can't join National Novice Championship !! Sigh x 1558790201 . I can't change my flight.The ticket to come back [kl] here because it's just too expensive. RM 500 + for one way,wei ! Totally a highway robbery.

4.Vivian's birthday present ! oh shit.

WAHHH!! This year seems not that awesomeeee anymore...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010



I miss Sabah so much ! Now , I finally realize why they call Sabah - The Rojak State.

I personally felt,the social integration here is very very low compare to Borneo.

No wonder, communicating in Malay with my [Chinese] hometown friends here, seems weird to everyone. No wonder, knowing the word ast*ga and some Islamic phrases - shocked many Muslims here. But,it's really sad. Especially, certain issues cause disharmony among the people.

Starting from now, I can't joke around with my friends (regardless of any race) saying the ast*ga word anymore.

Too bad. Well, if it's really pleases them. Then, so be it.

Hopefully, things will be better :)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

MyConstitution - Separation of Power

Yesterday, we went to Sunway College to experience the launch of Phase Two [Separation of Power] by MyConstitution campaign.

Before that,we were lost due to our awesome bus driver. He went into Summit Highway instead of heading to Bandar Sunway. zzzz (wasted for at least half an hour).

This Campaign objective is to educate the people about the Constitution. They invited 3 prominent individuals from 3 body's of the state - i.e Legislation , Judiciary and the Executive Body.

Frankly speaking, I really like Datuk Dr Wan Junaidi (Legislature) speech. He is very consistent in speaking out his mind. I think he is one of those leaders that we somehow can trust and depend on. He claims there is overlapping of powers between the 3 body. I say it's very true. Especially, from the Executive body. The Ministers in the Cabinet are the exact same people in the Parliament :(

Secondly, I think Datuk Kayveas speech was alright. Quite funny. He told us some jokes about Datuk VC George.
BUT his speech seems hitting around the bush. Hmm. He said the true body with most of the power in hand is the Civil Servant not the 3 main body. True or False ? I doubt.

Lastly, Dato' Kadir Sulaiman, our Ex-Federal Court Judge. The highest ranking judge in Malaysia.
One word to describe his speech - YAWNZ !
I really don't know what he was trying to convey. His speech took us into a roundabout and left us there, crying for help.
'Pakcik ni' kept on telling us about the history of the Constitution, bla bla bla. Omg.
To think that our Judiciary system is infested with judges that are so blur, no wonder our judiciary body lost it's awesome fangs :(


In the end of the day, I guess everyone wants to take care of their jobs too,especially Ministers and Judges ~ Hmm. There goes our Justice.

P/S : I met Thinman ! woo hoo. Manage to see him there :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Something to cheer me up : )

These picture always crack me up :) Haha. Behold, Vivian's way of scolding me.

1. As quiet as a hungry wolf.

2. A Dangerous Facial Expression.

3. Here it comes !!!

4. Ta-Da,Here comes the finger ! hahaha.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Well, as I've said previously in my post about SCDC. This Championship really didn't went well ! Sigh.

We didn't manage to break. Sigh.

Maybe I was the burden. No idea. [gimme a rope]

Flare ? Failed in proving our burden of proof ? Hmm. Am confuse.

Sigh, Sigh, Sigh.

Jeremy o Jeremy. Lets put up a better fight next time.

a.What did I learn ?

1. In becoming a 3rd speaker.
2. Ways of winning a round. i.e burden of proof.
3. Need to be more clear.
4. Try to characterize the situation before moving into my speech.
5. Fluency in English needs to be improved.
6. Write clearer in my preparation notes. Lols !

I wish with this fall , I'll rise and reach a higher standard in next tourney just like a pheonix lols.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Southern Cup at UTHM

Am going to Southern Cup Debate Championship(SCDC) at Univeristy of Tun Hussien Malaysia (UTHM) tomorrow.

Very nervous and tense. Sigh. Being in a team with my very experienced seniors make things even worse. Hmm.(Lols, Hope Daryll or Lau or Qian Y will not see this).

Well ! I'm just going to take this as a motivation to venture even futher in my debate career. >: )

We will win !!!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Law - Law - Law

Am sick.


Doing assignments.I dislike doing assignments that doesn't link with our current studies.

Acting is not going to improve our ability in applying law nor sharpens the essential skills for us to become an awesome lawyer (Unless one of us is going to become an actor with a role as a lawyer. Then I got nothing to say).

I believe, it is better to have assignment that helps in improving our legal skills rather than doing stuffs that suck out our life force, time, youth and energy.

Ask us to distinguish a case ! or write an essay ! (my friends, please dont stone me)

In other universities (mostly in western countries), law students are being taught with subjects like legal writing or something that helps in analyzing legal problems. I think these are really useful and helpful. Hmm.(envy them)

Maybe, the concern is about helping a student in getting an A in the exam. But, one must understand that, getting an A without proper knowledge in law is nothing. I believe if a employer ask us to distinguish a case or find the ratio in a case, and we said "I don't know apa kau cakap". We might ended up standing in front of a slammed door.

Am really hoping that, things will not be the same in my subsequent years in FUU.

*Hooray! to Optimism*

Monday, January 4, 2010

Random Things To Decide.

1.Asian Law Student Association (ALSA)

I need a lot of time, drive/passion and perseverance. Hmm. ALSA. Hmm.
I think I'll try to participate in ALSA as much as I can this time.
Well, I don't think I will lose anything in joining ALSA [don't wanna disappoint Haris too :( ] .
Am just gonna let myself to have a taste of ALSA this semester.

2.Debate ( Faculty)

I think I'll just join my faculty's debate competition - The Dean of Law Faculty Cup this week.
Even if, the competition is in Malay plus some minor problems, I think will still go for it.
Just try and gain some experience from it. (hopefully-lah)


Not good at all . I think I really need to focus ! I didn't do any reading on Contract nor Consti. Sigh. This is Bad. Cases Jeremy ! Hunt some cases and serve it on your table.

But, now FUU seems to have their own cafeteria. I guess now I can spend more time in the library :)

Less Fun More Study !

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year Outing at Midvalley :)

What did actually happen on New Year Eve ?

I skipped New Year Eve this year ! (I'm so sorry Bryan ! Am to lazy to travel because I know the KTM sure packed with humans and I'll be struggling for oxygen through out the whole trip to Kelana Jaya). I slept early that night, around 10pm. At 12am (midnight) the phone rang ! At that moment I was still in a half-asleep mode and I was cursing people ( for disturbing my sleep), lol when I received a call from Vivian then I realized it was New Year ! and the phone rang was due to friends that were actually sending me New Year Greetings :P lols [I'm so sorry]. My mum called too, but I'm just too sleepy, so I talked within 2 mins and I've already said goodbye . Sorry Mum hahaha.

What I did I do on 1st of January 2010 ?

I did some reading in morning till noon. Am too bored. Luckily, Vivian dated me out for some catchup (both of us haven't laugh for weeks. ps : no ordinary laugh but hysterical/crazy laugh moment) . We went to Midvalley. We ate like hell ! -Nandos, PHOP and Kim Gary. People thought we were pregnant due to our large bellys. Lols, and I bought a pair of pants ( look below). Then Vivian sent me back to UKM but on the way, we were lost. I blame Vivian for that because she went into a wrong turn. Astaga ... but thank god,at last we managed to drive into Seremban Highway lols ! Phew.

1. Vivian's Souvenir from Taiwan - Condom-Like Chocolate. Just can't resist to taste it.

2. Pancake's from PHOP

3. Trying/hunting for my pants.I bought the silver one. Am searching for a light brown pants but can't find one.