Wednesday, November 24, 2010


It's the Guangzhou 2010 Asian Games this year and we had an "awesome" rematch between our Dato' and his nemesis Mr. Lin Dan (a.k.a The Ass). On 23rd of Nov, both of players managed to qualify for the finals. Me, bearing the "semangat kebangsaan" sat apathetically in front of the television hoping Malaysia would add another gold medal into the list.

Cutting the story short, the badminton match ended by Lin Dan's victory with the score of 13-21, 21-15, 10-21. It was not that bad, at least our Dato' managed to win once. However, once again, audiences in Malaysia had to put up with Lin Dan's revolting behavior of removing his own clothes... showing off his mus- *vomit*-cular body. How I wish he would catch a cold or something... deadly.

He is getting older and older.
I hope there will be a greater prodigy in Malaysia replacing him in the future.

The Ass

How to distinguish truth from fiction?

  • I have written extensively on this elsewhere, nonetheless, this remains an area schools to a large degree ignore. Sometimes I suspect it is because teachers feel their students must absorb knowledge uncritically; if they are questioning everything the teacher says they'll never learn!

    The first thing to learn is to actully question what you are told, what you read, and what you see on television. Do not simply accept what you are told. Always ask, how can you know that this is true? What evidence would lead you to believe that it is false?

    I have written several things to help you with this, including my Guide to the Logical Fallacies, and my article on How to Evaluate Websites. These principles are more widely applicable. For example, when your boss says something to you, apply the same test. You may be surprised at how much your boss says to you that is simply not true!

    Every day, subject at least one piece of information (a newspaper column, a blog post, a classroom lecture) to thorough scrutiny. Analyze each sentence, analyze every word, and ask yourself what you are expected to believe and how you are expected to feel. Then ask whether you have sufficient reason to believe and feel this way, or whether you are being manipulated.

    By -Stephen Downes

  • Friday, November 5, 2010

    My New Tumblr site !

    I have just started to blog/write/reblog at yesterday. (Take note, John Chan !) Am still in the process of learning :). Anyway, check it out at:

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    Thursday, November 4, 2010

    Happy Deepavali and etc..

    Firstly,to all my Indian friends,

    Sorry for the long M.I.A ! I'm busy with my studies. Am now still in the midst of facing my final exams and there are 4 papers left: Criminal Law, Family Law, International Trade Law and Arab. I hope next week will be smooth sailing for me :3

    On the other note, I recently have bought Outliers, The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell ! I have read the first two chapters which I think was admirable. Enjoyed the analysis and the examples brought up by the author;very compelling. How I wish it was my family law book instead.

    Anyway ! I'm going to brave through this 2 weeks. I can hear the sound of my semester break calling.

    Sandakan, wait for me !