Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year !

Happy New Year to All :) Have a Wonderful year ahead !

Saturday, December 26, 2009

-2009 Is Coming To An End ! -

Wow, without much notice, another year has gone [this sentence remind me of MJs song - You are not alone].

This year is really a happening year for me. Many events occurs. What kind of events ?

1. I get 3.75 in my STPM. Bam! I recalled at the moment I was with my Dad in KFC (I was so happy that literally, I bought another set of meal for my teacher) Lols.

2. Then, I was accepted in UKMs Law Faculty. Gosh. (My ambition in becoming a law students finally materialize !)

3. After that, I participated in UKMs VC Cup - English Debate Competition. Fall in love with debate and the debaters too [they are just too friendly !, I felt the warmth and fun from them].

4. Thus, I'm stuck in UKM debaters group. I went for MMU Ramadan IV with Farahin. It was a good experience. I learned that it takes a lot of reading to make ones arguement stands and not just babble nonsense through out the 7 minutes.

5. Being in the Law faculty, really enlightens me with a lot of stuffs. I.E self-learning and to be able to think critically (and I sharpen that through debate; EVEN IF ! MORE IMPORTANTLY ! etc.)

6. I went for the UPM- Great Serdang Debate Championship in November. It was fun but before that tournament, I actually doubted myself in terms of improvement. Since,I've been practising for the pass 2-3 months (during training camp, somehow panic strikes me and I've to start from the basic again !) but thank god, We (Steven and Me, thanks dude! for the support) managed to break into Quarters ! At least, I've progressed and moved on from stage one :)

7. The result came out and I get 3.31 for the first semester. I'm pleased but then, I'm disappointed with my Constitutional and Contract Law paper. (I thought I can do a lot better)

These are among the things that I've done this year and I'm glad that all of these happened.
Hopefully, in 2010, I will learn a lot more and evolve into a better debater as well a better law student compare to this year !

Sooooo Confusing !

I swear to god, illegality is so complex ! I've been reading 3 books on this chapter but it seems the more I read the more problems that I get [contradiction between cases and statues].

Although reading English Law Textbook opens up my mind to a deeper interpretation of illegality[public policy] but then, there are some illustrations that actually contradicts with the Contract Act . Shit. and I'm not sure whether certain points in Treitel could be applied in Malaysia >:( .

Sigh, maybe I should do a " even if " case (lols) or just point out the parts with ambiguity. I think it's time for me to knock the lecturers door. Hmm.

P/s : It's a bit clearer now. Read Visu Sinnadurais Book !

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas !

Merry Christmas to everyone! Wishing all of us have a happy and great holiday :)

Ps: I've to stay in my room in this happy occasion :( sigh. Too bad, I'm here in UKM and not in Sandakan. Envy [sort off] Grumpy Oizien to be able to get drunk till needed to be carried back home hahaha !

Never mind, I gain a lot through reading.
Hopefully, tomorrow Beatrice's Christmas party is ON !!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me !

Getting a year older today. I'm officially 20 years old.
There is a saying about age comes along with wisdom.No wonder I feel smarter already.Haha
[ok, i admit it's kinda cold].

Anyway, more posts will be added tomorrow. Good night .

Monday, December 21, 2009

2nd Semester - 1 Class

Mood : Neutral/ Slightly sad

Today,went for my very 1st lesson in this semester. Usual stuffs, Puan Roshida questioned us about our exam result's, asked us what's the reason behind our lousy CGPA [none of the us answer that question] and then we continued with MLS studies.

Now: Still doubting whether I should've take Kemahiran Berfikir for this semester or not.

Studying about Subordinate Courts for this 2 week. Sigh. Tons of act's to memorize. Sigh x 3.

Tomorrow, 9-11am is Contract Class. Hmm, I'm eagerly waiting for Prof Sakina's wordy explanation on our result.

Ps: Tomorrow afternoon, going to Midvalley to meet Vivian. [such a pushover]

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A New Motivation!

This 1st Semester in UKM, I really don't know how to describe... Slept too much ? or Played too much ? I don't know. Next semester... really need to catch up a lot.


Friday, December 11, 2009

Flying Back Home [Clouds,Rivers and Mountains]

Yesterday was a great day. Why? The sky was clear and the sun shone brightly above atmosphere. Unlike my previous trip back home [thick and foggy clouds through the whole flight], today was way nicer and better ! I managed to capture some pictures through out the flight even though my camera's battery beeping the whole time,yet it still managed to last till I arrived at Sandakan Airport :) [Salute Panasonice Battery]

To those who never been to Sabah, Enjoy !

1. Early Morning at LCCT airport. I guess it was around 7am.
2.I guess below was somewhere around Johore :D
3. How great it is if I have a pair of wings.

4. Above the sea.
5. Er... Opss
6. This is Kota Kinabalu ! The capital city of Sabah. I bet Alexis hiding somewhere around there.
7. I guess we are approximately 20000+ feet above sea level.
8. Mount Kinabalau ! Higher then some clouds :D It's usually very hard to see Mount Kinabalu due to the clouds blocking the view but ladyluck was smiling to AK5160 yesterday lols.

9. Mushroom like Clouds. Gonna raining soon.

10. The Kinabatangan River ! Largest and Longest river in Sabah.

11. Arrived at Sandakan Airport on a Sunny Day.

Another great day :). I just love a nice clear blue sky. Really lighten up my mood. I felt very much refreshed but I still slept like a log back at home. Hehe

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Going back to Sandakan tomorrow morning ! Gonna enjoy my remaining 10 days of holiday there.
I felt great in this few week. Learned a lot and progressed a lot. Oh Yeah, now I'm at Kelana Jaya at Bryan's Place.

Btw,listen to Sean Kingston latest hit - Face drop ! Christmas Soon *jingle bell*

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Great Serdang Debate [4th-7th of Dec]

-A deeper analysis in Great Serdang Debate-

In this tournaments, we finally have a chance to see and meet other debaters from other institution. Here [GSD] we have High School Debaters [14-16 years old] , University Debaters as well as Foreign Debaters [Indonesia and Singapore]. About today's result,we managed to break into Quarter Finals but the advance was halted there :(

Today's Motion were:

5. THBT EU should remove all law against Holocaust denial.

6(Quarters). THW allow religious site can be a target for military advances during the time of war.

7(Semi).THBT that Israel should be charged under war crime.

However, I must say I learned a lot of stuffs through out this tournament. Honestly, Me and Steven were stunned when we actually ranked 1st on the 5th preliminary round. It was fun because we actually did a definition challenge[ask a debater] to the case brought up by the Prime Minister and somehow our definition were being accepted through out the floor. [ Yes !]

But too bad, we lost in the Quarters. I believe if I managed to explain more and further substantiate my points I think we can win that round and break into Semi- Finals. Sigh Sigh


1. Reading Matters
2. The Holy Bible for Debating
3. Me and My Partner [Steven] in GSD
4. Junior Debaterss ~
5. Adjudicators from UKM - Yen, Irsyad and Yitzhe
6. The awesome UKM team !
7. Moving towards the Hall
8. Team's match up :D
9. This was the first round we have
10. My Repetitive Speech
11. Listening our result from the Chair [ Sailou from IIU]
12. The debaterssss
13. GSD !
14.Doing a Counter proposal lol !
15. Giving POI or asking clarification ? I forgot
16. Team Dynamic lol
17. A pic with Indonesian Debaters. They are awesome debaters !
18. Thats all :)

I, honestly thank all seniors in supporting us and also training us during the debate training back in KTSN and UKM, Bangi . I really appreciate and thank Cher Linn, Salwa and Jerry in choosing me to go to GSD as debater. I love you guys ! More importantly, the knowledge and experience that I get here [UPM] will surely improve my speech and confidence as a speaker. :D !

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Debating in Great Serdang Debate (GSD)

Today, We ( Me and Steven) finally managed to finish 4 rounds of motion. Our team score is 7. Debating in BP [british parliament style] is very tricky and involves many tactics and new analysis.I think we totally need to win tomorrow's last round so that we can actually break into the quarter finals. I think I can do a lot better in today's debate. Sigh x 100.

I hope I can give my best in tomorrow's debate round. [no sucky motion please].

Oh yeah. Today's Motion is :

1. TH would ban vernacular school. We get 3rd among 4 teams.

2. TH will allow doctor's to charge higher fees for patients with unhealthy lifestyle. We get 1st.

3. TH believe that all countries should have nuclear weapon. : We get 1st.

4. TH would ban Hijab because its a form of women oppression. We get 4th . [This round is so shitty because we dont know what Hijab was and we totally set the worst place setting ever. Sigh]