Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A wonderful trip to KK ! Part 1 - To Pulau Sapi.

Last week , Ah Ging, Fong Man Man, Lee Vun Yee and Me went to KK ! ( After all , all of us got nothing to do at home). We stayed at Lim's place and on Sunday we dragged him along with us to Pulau Sapi . At first, we were planning to go to Pulau Manukan but they said that at Pulau Manukan it might get too crowded, so went to Pulau Sapi instead.This island trip cost us around RM 102 per person and there were 5 of us. Not that expensive =D! We arrived at Pulau Sapi at 9am and there were no other visitors there ! ( The earliest guests !)

1)Arriving at Pulau Sapi

2) The Rocks
3)Swimming and Snorkeling . I must say there are many fish at Pulau Sapi. We even saw Nemo.
4) Nerd reading
5)Parachuting with Fong Man Man .Obviously she was scared.
6) Before Flying
7) Regretted asking for the wet treatment . We meant dry ... DRY!!
8)In the sky ... The view is awesome .( This game costs us around RM60 bucks. Worth it !)
9)To Pulau Sapi !
10) Banana Boat ~
11) Fong Man Man the Rocker . Hehehe
12)The banana boat turned upside down.
13)Mayday! Mayday !
14)Floating idiots. Hehehe

15) Me =D