Friday, August 27, 2010

A breath of fresh air !

Finally, I can ethically relax myself because I'm done with Tort and International Trade Law tests in this week !

So, yesterday, we gave ourselves an excuse to have fun :)
Kami pergi ke Alamanda, Putrajaya (15 mins drive from UKM) to watch the latest Step Up 3:

-Loads of dance scene-

Then, we went to have dinner at Sushi King (because Nando's Chicken was crowded) but the service sucks. Most of us had waited a year for the foods to be served. On the plus side,the waiter gave me a free Unagi Temaki because I'm too good looking he forgotten to add it into my bill.

Lucky me :)

Photos :


A great picture by John


nn said...

how was the movie? best tak??

Jeremy said...

haha ok la.. scene menari best :)

chiayoong said...

wah thanks thanks...