Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Im gonna commit suicide soon

ARGHH!! Sandakan is really really boring ! Not only boring but also hot ! I wonder why Sandakan's weather is way hotter compare to KL. Maybe due to lack of tall buildings ? Argh. I don't care. Air-Con - 24/7

BUT ! at least I met some old buddies here. Glad to see Ah Ging and Ah Yiu (Karaoke) and also Loong, Vui Goh, Fei and Ah Khen(Yumcha).

Hope to see Fiona, Grace and Siao Ching soon. They seem busy this week.

God, lead me away from the path of boredom pleaseee !


chiayoong said...

"suicide" is not a kata kerja lar...its commit suicide baru betul....astagar

Jeremy said...

ghahah thanks !!