Thursday, July 29, 2010

I Got You ?

Hahaha... sorry everyone, the content of this post got nothing to do with the title. I like that sentence due to Leona Lewis's song: I Got You. Anyhow, what I want to share here is about sensitive and emotional people.

Everyone of us are born with feelings and emotions,it's an universal truth.
However, there are people that exist among us are emotionally unstable and this kind of people often create chaos in our daily life.

How ?

Firstly, people around them have to suffer and bear with their sour faces.
Especially, friends.Friends have to put up with their negative emotions even though deep inside their heart they're extremely pissed with their annoying attitude.

Secondly, emotional people like to gain a lot of attention. They really expect people to be patience with their behavior. Friends are being expected to heed with their needs.They're like the prince and princesses of the day.

The worst part is they don't usually admit that they got problem. They know they're sensitive and emotional but they think it's justified to be like that.
Maybe ignorance goes hand in hand with sensitivity.

I feel this kind of people are irksome (seriously). It's gruesome to see their long and sour faces plus their irritating attitude and yet we still have to entertain them. So,the best advice I can give is to ignore them. They'll be normal again after their "emotional period" has lapsed.

Sorry to say this but to those who think they're very sensitive, please try to change or to contain your attitude next time.

P/S: Don't live in denial because it'll only hurt yourself and the people around you. :)

Monday, July 26, 2010


One word to describe this movie : Splendid !

Summary: The movie is about an "extractor", who enters peoples' dreams in order to steal their idea but somehow, the table changed and the "extractor" instead of stealing ideas, now needs to plant an idea into someone's mind (inception).

I find this movie very interesting ! Although I'm not a Leonardo Dicaprio fan but I felt he did an extremely good job in this movie. The plot of the movie is very intriguing, so "do" watch this movie, people !

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lost in KL!

Seriously, KL is like a maze ! Last Friday night, I drove to KL to meet up with KTSN debaters for our upcoming Taylor's IV but, I was lost for 3 hours... How pathetic.

I brought my GPS along and I thought it would lead me directly to KTSN. However, I ended up in KTSN 2 ! It was hell. Making my situation worse was the fact that my useless GPS ran out of battery. Desperately, I parked my car and asked some passerby's for direction. Luckily, I came across a very nice guy, I think he is called "Afik" (thank god because the other passerby's that I asked just shook their head). He was buying satay but at that moment, nothing came across my mind except the directions to KTSN ! He enlightened me with his Iphone.

BUT, the funny part is the fact that I was still lost with all the guidance from that Saviour, lol. I was forced to call Pau to guide me out from the city. I parked in front of Legend Hotel and waited for 15 mins (I was very devastated at that time) and finally, Pau successfully brought me back to KTSN.

P/S : I didn't manage to break into Taylor's IV. (Shame ....)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Hi and Hell to everyone !

I kid, I kid. Haih, things aren't as smooth as I had pictured it to be. My car is yet to arrive ! Darn it, the car dealer promised they could get the paperworks done by today but now, they changed it to Friday. (I hope they will get struck by lighting tonight)

Secondly, VC Cup. Hmm, I think I really have no control over it right now. Need help. S.O.S ! Not many juniors from FUU willing to join the tourney and also I'm wondering about the progress of other trainers in other colleges.. It makes me worried.

I hope for a better day tomorrow. *fingers crossed*


Sunday, July 11, 2010


I'm officially back in UKM ! Now, I'm waiting for tomorrow classes to start. Staying in a new ambiance: Kolej Keris Mas ! The room here is smaller compare to Kolej Ibrahim Yaakob's single room but it's very comfy and clean.

On the other hand, my drive to study seems to have vanished. I blame the long holidays. I think my brain size is as small as a raisin.

Tomorrow, will be new day in Faculty :) Hope things will go accordingly !

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Masarap - Philippine Cuisine

Last Saturday, we went to Masarap, the one and only Philippine Cuisine in Sandakan. The food is delicious but most of the dishes is not halal. The restaurant also has a live band singing every night and a cool ambiance.

We (me and Fiona) exuberantly promoted this restaurant in front of Grace while we were playing lami last week and unluckily I managed to "earn" a lot on that night, so they insisted that I have to treat them at Masarap. :S

They eat with gluttons, especially Mr.Keong.
All smiles when we left.I guess they enjoyed my RM120 dinner.

Slowpokes: Mr. Tat and Ms Grace Vun
(They asked me to be on time but they were 40mins late)

Ms Fiona Fong with her favourite beef dish.

Ms. Keong promoting his minced meat and egg with egglant.

Me with my favourite dish: Kare-Kare (not halal).
That sauce is made from peanut butter :D

Thursday, July 1, 2010

IPad: Love at First Sight

My Love:

I really really really (x 1000) yearn for an IPad. I wish someone would get me one.