Sunday, February 28, 2010


This whole week is totally allocated just for me ! I'm enjoying my very time alone with myself this week. I went for a centralize debate training at KTSN this Friday( I did horribly !).

I also volunteered myself to become the timekeeper for Jeesup National Mooting Competition. It was an eye-opening event. For the first time, I witness the real standard of a genuine mooting process. It was totally different from our PBL Moot assignment (which I thereafter thought that we were mere child's play during out PBL if compare to the Mooters in Jessup).

In the weekend, I just laid back and read Harry Potter in my room. Luckily, I managed to finish it because if I don't, my brain my just keep on bugging me to touch that book during my weekdays (it's bad because next week I got a lot of assignments and tasks to do !).

In this week, I managed to finish Order of Phoenix and Half-Blood Prince. Too bad, next week I won't have the time to go out and grab the next Harry Potter book: Death Hallows, since I will be camping in Seremban ! Curse my Ko-K lecturer for setting the camping date on 5th-7th of March and blissfully reminded us that the camp bears 60 mark.

(Dumbledore is dead!) ):

(Sirius is dead!) D:

I got Malaysia Debate Open and National Law Conference from ALSA on the exact date. Sigh, am going to miss out a lot of fun !

That's all for the time being.

Saturday, February 20, 2010


What am I trying to achieve in life? No idea at all.

Some say to be successful, wealth is the key but on the other hand, some claim, great knowledge leads a better life (I mean contributing to the people and the nation not with money but with our brain)

Or maybe, through NGO's? By lending a hand to the poor and weak in this world.

Am still very unsure, I don't want my life to plain and dull. I want a sense of achievement but in what? Hmm

Sunday, February 14, 2010

To : Anonymous

My mind wanders, my heart feel empty and my soul seems hollow.
I don't really bother what is going on around my surrounding.
I just can't focus. I feel dull and slightly sad.
It would be nice, if I can communicate with you now.
Just a sms or a message will do.
Too bad, you will not be able to read my post here.
Never will.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Derelict in KLIA

My Mood in KLIA

Am so bored/pissed in KLIA right now. Zzz

Why ? Cuz I got nothing to do here and I dropped my book (Blackburn's Shortbook on Ethic) ! Damn it. I really hate myself for being so careless. If my dad is with me right now, I'm very sure he will give me a mind blowing lesson and label me "fruitcake" and Stupidly, I've placed my Lipstick Jungle [BTW,it's cheap ! I bought it for RM8 in a secondhand book store :)] in my other luggage bag. Zzz x 10

Anyhow, I was so pissed with myself, till I rushed into the bookstore and grab a Harry Potter Novel: The Goblet of Fire.

Actually, I was unsure whether which HP book to start with, since I had already saw the movie, I don't really have the drive to read the novel. Hence, today I made a bold decision : skip the first 3 Harry Potter book and jump right into The Goblet of Fire.

I have read the 1st chapter and am enjoying it :)

Hopefully,tomorrow morning will come swiftly because I just can't wait to gamble !! opss Haha,I meant reuniting with my family :P

Me with the Book.

Friday, February 12, 2010


Can't wait to go back to Sandakan this Sunday ! The time seems passing slowly for me. I just can't wait to sleep in my own bed.

Obviously, this week I totally surrendered myself into laziness. Lols, I skipped 2 classes in 1 week. Totally a new record for me. I just can't wake up at 7 am :D

I didn't do my tutorial seriously. I think mostly about Sandakan foods and gambling.
Arghh. I envy those whom had left UKM today (John you may not comment on this post).

On Wednesday, we had a farewell party (sort off) for Farahain because this Saturday, she will be leaving to New Zealand. Sigh, another good debater is going to leave UKM. But anyway, thanks for the Toblerone ! Stay in touch :)

Tomorrow, I think I'll go to hunt few more clothes for CNY. Obviously, I only have 2 shirts for CNY. Hmm. Mid Valley perhaps ?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CNY Reunion Dinner for 1st Year Students in Law Faculty

This Monday, under the leadership of our 1st year King; Loo Hao Han, we all went to Sungai Chua to have our pre-CNY Reunion Dinner ! As well as to celebrate Manfred, Xing Ghee and Johns birthday. We had fun, despite Kee Way was late.

We were very loud on that night ( till an old man actually came over to our table and asked us to tone down a notch) *Haha* but they can't blame us though, since law students are meant to be loud and orally expressive.

I enjoyed the dinner a lot due to the fact that I will skip my reunion dinner with my family this year (doing the "Lou Sang" was somewhat nostalgic for me). Aside from that, we took a lot of photos on that night (we were very vain indeed) and I enjoyed the foods too; reasonably acceptable.

Why I can't go back earlier?
Ask Air Asia and MAS ! The price for a return ticket from KL to Sandakan (vice versa) is so expensive during the festive season. So I was forced to go back on the very 1st day of CNY. Sigh, totally a highway robbery.

Pictures/Photos (whatever you want to name it) :

The Restaurant

The late ass : Manfred

Family Photo

Qiao Huey helped us to do the Lou Sang thingy

During the 'Lou Sang' (the uncivilized side of us)

Family Photo 2

The Birthday Brats

Random Pic

Family Photo 3

With Hao Han :D

Monday, February 8, 2010


Sorry for the late update. Am kinda busy lately with tests and debates. I bet Bryan wanted to kill me now cuz I stuck in UKM for so long and I didn't find him at Kelana Jaya. Don't be mad :(
I mean no harm.

Ok ! Where should I begin ? Hmm.

First, I must congratulate myself for able to finish all 4 mid-sem test . Phew ! Even though, it was hard. but I think I wont get 1/15 lols.

Secondly, I went to MOHEC last Saturday with Irsyad,Alex, Cher Linn and Saibah. We didn't manage to break . Sigh. But at least we got 1 win and 1 lose.The motions were tough. All International motions !! Hence, all of us have to squeeze our brain again just to come out with a proper stance to start with :( pity us.

Aih, what else ? Er, this Sunday, am going back to Sandakan ! Miss home [ I can bring my dirty clothes back for my mum to wash hehehe]

P/S :Chinese New Year is around the corner, hopefully I can win a lot this year lols . (gambling :D)