Thursday, November 26, 2009

Phd Holder - Driving Taxi in Singapore

Check it out ! [okok.. The news might be a little teeny-weeny outdated but still I find it eye-opening].

It's from the Star Online, the article/news was about a Scientist in Singapore working as a taxi driver after getting fired by his company due to the recent economic meltdown. That guy [56 years old] is a Phd holder in Bio-Science from Stanford University and 16 years of proven track record of scientific accomplishments.

Goodness... Even a Phd holder resort to become a taxi driver. SPM graduates.. Think about your future!

Cope and Paste :

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Reminiscence of the Past [Form 6]

Back in 2007, I still remember stepping in SM St. Mary for the first time. It was right after my PKLN in Tawau. I recalled that I was the only guy in Form 6 wearing green pants because my form 6 white pants were still at the shop.

Quickly, I became a prefect in the school. However, I ain't the ordinary good-nerdy student back then. I'm seriously one of the naughtiest student there. Being loud and sleeping in the class were something I loved. Hahaha

I still remember when the principal passed a paper for us to grade the worst and the best 5 teacher in St Mary, our comments were awful ! I and some friends wrote the teachers were boring, ugly [ya,physical appearances counts !!], etc... till the we ended up washing the toilet !! However, I still think it was worth it because it was really funny back then.

Not only that, in lower 6, Me, Gee Kang and Liau were being requested to meet the discipline teacher for being too naughty. That idiot[discipline teacher, Mr.Tan] told us bla bla bla stuffs like quiting the school if we aren't interested in studying anymore. Well, honestly I still hate him for being a freak in the school. He was the most bias teacher I have ever met. He fond girls over boys. Back in my school trip to Pulau Lankayan, he was the supervising teacher but in 1000 pictures that he took during the trip, I bet only 2 pictures only have us[students] inside and the remaining pictures were his gf's photo. yuck !

Not only him that I dislike, I also hate Puan Thien Pet Ngo [weirdo], Cikgu Fazila[too lazy!],a *sa-nga* teacher [forget her name but her ego was so high till it can reach the sun], Bastard TC [ a math teacher, I hate him the most ] and few dozens more. However, I really like Cikgu Amit, Cikgu Syahmini, Cikgu Ahmad Supu and Puan Renuka. They are they best !

Beside teachers, I also pissed my seniors off but I don't care because I don't like them either. I reported them once for being not cooperative in leaving the classroom during recess [I'm the prefect !]. They confronted me for that. Hahaha

- Alert ! Ugly Me Ahead-

Beauty and the Bald
Graduation ! It's finally over

I bet a lot of seniors and teachers wanted me to fail in STPM but luckily I did not. Guess they are eating their hearts out :P I thank my friends and teachers who really support me back then.

Ps: I guess hating a teacher doesn't necessary will make you get bad grades in exam.It's totally a superstition.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happening's on Sunday

Sunday night went to Oizien a.k.a Alexis's house. She invited me and Su Ching over her place to have BBQ. Ate like hell. Lamb Chops, Watermelons and some Mussels. [before that I already had a wonderful dinner at home, my tummy shaped like a basketball]

Prince Goofy was there too [check her blog about this prince], he barked at me like no tomorrow. Grumpy dog ! [just like Oizien]. hahaha. Luckily, Su Ching told me that Mr. Goofy likes to be touched. So, to keep his royal highness volume down a notch, I risked my hand for a more serene and quiet environment.

After that, we played Vocable. We can see Oizien's cheapskate attitude coming out. She don't mind the words getting stuck at all. Below the word Wed and Led were from her. Stingy-nya ! Almost no words can be build from her word.

Then, we moved on to UNO and red wine as well as Astro On-demand. We were there till 1am then chiaoz. :)

I slept like a pig due to the alcohol from the red wine. There goes another a day in Sandakan.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


Fact in US says, chances involved with adultery for a man gets higher according to their wealth. This really strikes me about trust and faith in a relationship. People get married because they love each other but somehow scandals often appear after few years being together.

I believe not only in US only such problem exist but around the globe too. In my very hometown, Sandakan, also filled with news or rumors about adults having affair. However, here includes both men and women.

We often heard gossips about Auntie XYZ having an affair or Uncle ABC actually have a mistress from China.Hmm, I wonder why people often involved with such scandals even though they already professed to love and be faithful towards their partners during their wedding. [Maybe the 3rd party is a professional seducer or maybe the husband or wife are itching for sex].

Deep down in my heart, I believe these married couples doesn't actually love each other till the max but just wanted to settle down or go with the flow [ 30 years old must be married policy] . It's really sad because the victims are the faithful party [includes their children] .

True story by Fiona, a wife working as a fish monger to support the family but the husband was actually having an affair with Indonesian girls.Why? He promptly said his wife smells. If I'm that wife, that guy will be lying on the ground,sliced.

I really hope, this problem will not be a norm in Malaysia just like in US because I still believe most youngsters here still can't accept the fact that their dad or mum are actually crying or depressed alone during the night when his/her partner are out having fling with Mr or Mrs XXX.

Saturday Night Out

Out from the house and straight to Bandar Indah ! Last night, went out with the gang to have a drink at Subway and BlackJack. Laughed a lot. I haven't seen Keong and Tat for a month, yet they are still as fun as ever. Talked, played and drank till our throat sore.Luckily, it was Heineken and not Tiger. I can't stand Tiger Beer, the taste is awful.

We didn't went to Tonic because Tat said they are kinda bored with the place. So we [terpaksa] go to Blackjack but the place was not as crowded as Tonic. We played dice and Keong and Alexis became *Mr and Mrs Hyde*. This 2 crazy people kept on forcing others to drink beer for every round we lose till 1.30am [yup, we are the last one to leave]... zzz

a.Oizien and Fiona

b. Su Ching and Me

c. The Boys

d. Ah Keong and Me

e. Take 3000

f. Hello Kitty Promoter

g. Oizien's Ugly Pic

h. The girls

Enjoyed ourselve last night although Ah Chu and Fiona didn't joined us at Blackjack. :)

Friday, November 20, 2009

-New Puppy-

Recently, there is an additional member to our family :) It's a new puppy ! The name for her is still uncertain but we are down to this choices : Jennifer and Rasco. My dad wanted to call her Jennifer Lopez,lol ! but this is one hyperactive dog ! . Don't know what breed but definitely mixed. Nevertheless, I hope this dog will not go missing soon... just like my previous dogs. *Finger crossed*

- Hiding under the couch -

After few thousand shot, this is the among the best pic I got because this dog just can't sit still

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I'm back in Sandakan for 4 days already. All I did was eat[cake,seafood,noodles,etc], sleep [randomly] and entertain [tv , lami(similar to mahjong)]. Yeah, I know, it's like dreaming.

i'm here with grumpy Alexis a.k.a Oizien, she seems kinda busy lately.Fiona is as healthy as ever. Grace curled her hair,look more sophisticated. Ging is busy with his work but still his time is very flexible. Mark Goh lose a lot in Lami. Haven't meet Siao Ching yet. Others are simply fine.

Now, I finally can take a break from all those books. My head gets dizzy when I'm near any law books.Hooray to my 1 month of pleasure.

Later I'll go swimming :D and get my driving license changed.

Ps:I'm having terrible dreams lately, those dreams were all about me failling the exam. zzz

Monday, November 16, 2009

-Movie Review-

Sorry for the late update.It seems that right after the exam, the drive to blog is fading away. But I ain't such kind of person. So I will keep blogging till the very end of my life.
I don't know what should I post about for today. Thus, I'll just talk about the recent movies that I have watched lately. :D

The Proposal : Funny ! I think it's the funniest among the 3 comedy movie here. :D The storyline was great and I like Sandra Bullock's Character : Ms Tate. Watch It !

Year One : I don't find it laughable compare to the other two movie here. Ok-lah, since Jack Black was the lead actor :)

The Ugly Truth
: Definitely one of the best romance-comedy movie. Watch it people !, I ended up buying this DVD because I heard Kelvin them(debaters) talking about it. Really worth my RM6 hehe.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Simple Dedication to UKM Friends

Dedication to all my friends and acquaintances

Life in my faculty had been great for this semester, there were [of course] ups and downs but nevertheless, I'm very grateful to meet every single soul in FUU this sem. I enjoyed the time we cherished in the past 4 months. Time passed in a blink of eye,without realizing , we had already been together for 1 semester. Hopefully next semester, I can see the same faces back in Faculty. :D. Enjoy your holiday people !

Firstly, I must thank Kim, Dev and Alex. They were the ones who brought me into the world of debating. Thanks again to their undivided dedication in training us for the VC cup, [we managed break in !] For some mysterious reasons, I fell in love with debating. I met great people there. Verbally and Mentally. I can't wait to see all of you in the next debate camp.
Ps: Do well to those who are going to Thailand :D

Last but not least,to my college friends. I always have been a passive person in the college [ i love my room]. BUT I'm still thankful because there are some great people here in KIY [Kolej Ibrahim Yaakub]. See you guys in next sem. :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Behold ! Arabic Alphabets

This is what I learned ! The very basic of Arabic language.

Still in the learning process,for foul words I think I still need some time [do wait for it] because Arab is not as easy as you think. But this one of it :

Your head ! = Ra'ushuka [Boy] , Ra'ushuki [Girl]


It seems time passess quickly this week and I know why. It's about time for me to go back to Sandakan ! Yes !! In your face UKM !

This Friday, I'll be leaving this place and return to my hometown. Arggh, I miss home. I don't even bother revising for my arab paper. My focus right now is to pack my stuffs,surf the internet(reading dilbert comic) and sleep as much as possible so that the time passess more quickly [ya, I did it purposely].

However,tomorrow Daryll said there might be a meeting among Bangi Debaters. :D I can sense murderer and debating tomorrow but I guess,we only have time for one of them. Nevertheless, both activities are good enough for me.

The sad part would be about my flight. My departing time from KL LCCT airport is at 7.30am. That means I have to arrive at the airport around 5 am. Damn it ! Damn cheap tickets !! Sigh. Since the price I paid was only RM37.[too stingy] I just have to accept the fact. Sigh

I just can't wait to check out.Hope nothing goes wrong.Hehe :)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Happy Birthday ! - Thinman aka Chung Chin Vui

Happy Birthday ! :D
Hope you have a marvelous year ahead and don't do anything illegal ok?
Hehe, Enjoy your big day :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Why Choose Law?

I'm very glad that I was in the Law faculty :) [despite my non-stop complaints during the exam,hehe] If I were in different courses, I don't know whether I could make it throughout the years in the University.

Why Law ?
a. I hate maths. Seriously. Talk about the formulas, assignments, calculations. zzz, I will fall dead in 3 seconds. Ps: I hate homework too, Maths requires a lot of homework :(

b.I'm not a science student material. I hate chemical and physic, I hate doing lab test too.
*Ps:dev burnt his valuable fur when his lab work gone wrong* (hehehe)

c.My future job can involved in/directly with the 3 main bodies in Malaysia :
Executive: Officers in the Attorney-General Office.
Legislation : MPs.
Judiciary : Judges (Hopefully-lah), Public Prosecutors and the infamous job,Lawyer. (Awesome !Right ?)

d.I can debate even when I'm working, formally though. [Anonymous] said : A job that you love is a job that you won't be grumbling when you wake up early in morning. :D

e.I can meet awesome people all round the country in my faculty. Law students in UKM are different compare to other faculty students.Verbally. (Exception: Debaters) . We talk nonsense everyday,everytime. ( Kris, Esther, John(ya!,you), Manfred and etc)

So, I in conclusion, I believe Law faculty would be the one and only faculty suit me. Thank god I'm here.

Relfection on Hubungan Etnik (HE)

Just now, I just finised my Hubungan Etnik paper. Thank god, it's over now. That paper can kill,literally !

I honestly think that was the worst paper throughout all the papers that I had. Darn it.
I scratched my head several thousand times in 45 minutes answering that paper. Only HE can make me do that.

I saw John,Stephanie, Yen Ling and Dennis leaving the hall so damn early. I think they just sat in the hall for 30mins then left. Amazing people.

Sigh. I don't really think I can get an A in this paper. The questions were so confusing and every answer seems the same to me.This caused me to squeeze my brain juice till the very last drop because we only can answer right or wrong. I believe I choosed 239 'right' answers in 250 question. Lolz !

*Crossing my finger, that I don't suck in this paper*

A Glimpse of Future

I foresee myself and hopefully-lah all these can became reality :

1.Carrying my luggage waiting at the LCCT.

2.Meeting up with Bangi UKM debaters for dinner and few rounds of murderer (I miss this game).

3.Lying on my own bed in my room,rolling around and hugging my pillow.

4.Painting Vivian Wong's Bed ! Curse her !

5.Crying because the torment of mind is finally over. (exam)

6.Eating my mum's favourite dish, [Petai+Belacan].

7.Debating .

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Quote of the Day

Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. After that, who cares?... He's a mile away and you've got his shoes.

Billy Connolly

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

-Yet Another Nice Day-

Today is a good day. Why? Too many reasons.
1. The weather is good. I like when the sun shine brightly in the sky. The trees are glowing in gold due to the sunlight. *sure boost up my mood*

2.I finished my MLS paper this morning. I don't know whether I answered the question correctly and accordingly but nevertheless I wrote a lot, so hopefully I can get some pity marks. (hehe)

3.I cleaned and cleared my table. (too messy)

4. Etc.. I forget. I just feel great =)

Ps: I like UKM surrounding, a lots of trees. It really seems like UK in Malaysia. UKM = UK in Malaysia. Lol

Something to Laugh about:

Monday, November 2, 2009

-Dead Meat-

I'm in deep trouble. My brain is so not in the right mode. My brain keep on telling me to touch the computer instead of the book. How?

I can't recall most of the cases in MLS. Maybe my Pentium 2 brain is full with cases in Consti and Contract Law, now MLS cases can't fit in. Sigh. What shall I do ?

Plus, I'm addicted with Bejeweled Blitz in Facebook. Hehe, I'm so going to die tomorrow. =(

I hope the question will not be that hard. Hopefully la, today's lesson : I should do MLS notes 2 months ago.


I love debating :D
Ukm debaters is just like one big family.
I need to improve myself, so that I won't be left out...
I need to Practise and

Sunday, November 1, 2009

2 Annoying Beasts

: "Ei, help me login to my facebook and help me run some errands in my cafe world"

[This stingy beast never call me before, today she called me !! to... help her out in cafe world. zzz]

Vivian : "Eh, I think there is a guy like me at my workplace, How ?"

[zzzz, anything new ?]

Latest Addiction

I just discovered 2 new K-pop song. :D , for korean fan's or pop songs fan, check it out :D

a.4tomorrow- Tomorrow
b.Secret- I want you back

*John u may not drop the bomb*