Tuesday, September 30, 2008

To : Ah Tzun


Since you teased us(Me,vivian,oizien and fook yee) a lot in term of using our nickname....

I think i need to discuss with them about giving u a new title.....
How about HipBi ( BABi + hippotamus) or DuPir/TaGong ? ( Dugong + Tapir )
ARghh it's so hard... we will discuss this as soon as possible , please be patient cuz creating a new nickname for you is very hard and need a lot of work ... HEHEHE

A Boring Day...

.......Today is the most boring day I ever had..........

All i did was just playing the computer and sleeping ( The Best things)..
Why ~~~!!?

No date at all ... why ? Is it my social life really that bad ... It must be something to do with VIVIAN and OIZIEN .... cuz they are famous in being anti-social.

However , i found a nice korean song at youtube by Crown J and Seo In Young ...

On the positive side, i think im gaining some weight (lazy-ing) and getting fairer ( no sunlight).
What the fuck .... I DONT NEED TO THOSE STUFF!!....................
Aghhh.... Herman is back ! Lol.. hopefully got some plans later on ... or tomorrow .. or the day after tomorrow.. or the day after tomorrow tomorrow.............

Yesterday , went out with SC and Fiona .... haha had a loads of fun =)
Luckily i still have them around , Vivian coming back tomorrow ... no wonder today so bored...


PS : sorry for my grammar mistake, trying to improve here . And do date me .. THANKS lol

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Blueserver ( UCpro) Is Back!

To All Dota Gamers Out There,

Blueserver is back... with a new name UCpro ( wonder why ?) . Visit it at http://ucpro.my/ .

Even though is just a beta version, at least we can still play online =) heheheh

In two recent games , no lag occurred !!

However there are still leaver's in B3 ... ( when will they change?)

PS : To my friends, add my nick Badblitz6019

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Update !

Haha.... Holidays have arrive !!!!!!!!!!!

Went for a BBQ yesterday at one of my friends place.... Eat a lot ( Dont want to 'rugi' since I need to pay )

Last Wednesday accompany Fiona and Siao Ching buy clothes....... it was damn boring
They are very annoying and full of opinion .. It took 1 hour just in a single shop ...

Since too bored.... I took some pictures LOL!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

What Am I doing ...


*and i still picking my nose in front of the computer *

What is wrong with me ?!!

Tomorrow i'll be having my history paper...........
Shit ' Gigi' for cursing me to fail my paper...........

Later go out for a drink !!
Hope that i will study tonight ...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Final Exam

Hoho.... exam just started today ...

I don't think i did very well in today's geo paper .

Tomorrow is MicroEconomy .........!!
Ahh .. shit

I should be studying right now , why am i still in front of the computer?????
Oizien fault.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Ang !!

Enough with those political war in class,

Today is my friend birthday ( Mr . ANG).. hehe

He spend us a meal in KFC .... Thanks but somehow some uninvited guest come out from nowwhere till his bill become RM3++ lolz..

Feel sorry for him because most of the present they bought isn't that nice ... lol

Cant cover your bill that much eh? haha........
Anyway wish you have a nice and happy year ..
Happy Birthday

Backstabbing again

Lol... tada !
Here we go again ....
Lately some of us(include me ) cant stand a girl in our class... which leads us to form the '4+1' team...
Well, each of us dislike her for a particular reasons.

In my point of view ,
I felt that she was fake , annoying , bluff a lot (padini is not a very very famous brand) and too lc.
I dislike her attidude in blaming others for her own failure. For example : She failed her maths exam( single digit mark), then she would just say : cuz i didnt took add maths b4, thats why i fail . But she had been saying this idiotic reason for the pass 10 months . I dont think someone who study hard in 10 months will still cant get 40 marks to pass his/her maths tests in school.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Annoying Friends

My annoying friends refer to Ms . Cheong and and Ms. Wong

How annoying can they be ?

Ms Cheong
- Always gets me into trouble
- Always send me annoying messages . e.g Hi, JEREMY !!! im bored
- Always Brag about her stuff ( i didn't even ask about it )
- Always nudge me in msn ( erm.. not much just around 7-8 times )

The worst part is ... i somehow became her BFF ..? WHYY !!!!!

*betul-betul astaga*

Ms Wong
-Pain in the butt

The things she asked me to do for her :

- Ask me to ruin my Good Friend relationship
- Give her money to buy pills ( for losing weight)
- Too much ... i think i could write a novel just about her stuff.