Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Week In Bilit,Sungai Kinabatangan

Last Tuesday, I went to my Dad's camp to help out since 4 workers on leave (I don't help much actually) . It's been awhile to visit that place again, i guess the last time i had been there is almost nearly 2 years ago. lolz

Well, I had loads of fun with the staffs there , They bring me along with their boat cruise in the morning and especially at night, when the stars and the moon shone brightly in the sky =). The view near the river is amazing ! Btw, I saw loads of animal during the boat cruise . The animal I saw includes Monkeys, Crocodile , Water Monitor, Gibbon ( Bet u dont know about it) and tons of different kinds of rare species of birds.

The down side was there were loads of mosquitoes.
The Jungle Camp ( We got some local resident which was a Storm Stork , 3 Water Monitor(Morning) and a Civet Cat ( Night) near the camp)
A view from the jetty

Some Japanese Tourist looking at Oizien's Relative

On a Morning Boat Cruise
Arriving at dads place
The trail to the lodge
Another amazing view

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Tonight is totally freaking me out !

For the 1st time , that all most of my friends dated me out . WHY! St . Marians, Tawau Friends , Church Friends and SS friends . Omg .... talk about the days that barely even one group will find me . haiz.. i think i need to split my body into several pieces.

Teach me how to go out peacefully without offending other friends .. PLEASE

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Letter to Ms .CHEONG OI ZIEN

To : Oizien

Once upon a time, there live a young lady in Sandakan.
She was called Oizien or Oizilla or Alcoholicoi or Shiteous Oi or Olitan or Fatimah, which ever suit you . She is one crazy and insane girl because she got a love bug stuck in her brain . I wonder why ... !

She got tons of reasons to say when she heard something that I say is true about her.

Yours Truly,

Monday, March 2, 2009

A Day with Hon Chai

Yesterday I had an unexpected afternoon tea time with Mr Hon Chai (self proclaimed to be look alike with siao chu the famous taiwanese singer ) and Ms. Fiona .

He went to Singapore last year if I'm not mistaken . His hair seems kinda long but his attitude is still the same . Funny as usual.

Talk quite a bit and then straight home.
Group Pic

Me with Asia Top Celebrity

(There goes my sunday)

To my Dearest Friend !

This post is specially dedicated to Ms. OIZIEN ! I'm very proud to have her as my friend . She is the friend that always stand behind me ( stabbing ) when im in trouble. I keep wondering what will happen, if Oi Oi isn't by me in those time (I bet is way more peaceful and less troublesome).

Her nicknames : Oizilla( Mother of all dinosaurs) , Oi Oi , Fatimah ( Her maid name ), Shiteouss Oi and the most popular nick among us :Olitan

PS : I bet she will revenge in her blog .