Wednesday, August 4, 2010

A Trip At Pesta Konvo

Just now, I went to another college,Kolej Rahim Kajai to have my dinner with Pin Yin and Manfred. I'm out of money lately (sigh) and to save cost, I ate Qiao Huey's dinner, hohoho.
After that, we went to Pesta Konvo because our butts couldn't sit still. To our surprise, the pesta was not congested at all. Perhaps,today it is still the first day so not many humans know about the existence of the pesta.

Anyhow,we did a lot of window shopping (I bet RM500 that most of the dealers wanted to kill us) . Nonetheless, I managed to buy some stuffs, check it out:

1. Jibbitz for my Crocs - RM 3

2. A pair of new slippers - RM 11. (PY: Red, Manfred: Green, Mine: Brown)

Each of us bought a pair of flippers because of Manfred's sweet talking.I think he can be a spokesperson for Flippers. Anyway, Flippers' slippers are superbly comfortable and just by wearing it, I feel much taller (lol).

Overall,it was a fun evening for me :)

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