Friday, April 30, 2010

The End of 1st year's 2nd Semester

Today is the last day of our second semester in UKM !

In a blink of eye, 4 months had passed. Never imagine that it would be this fast.
This semester I had been quite lazy compare to the previous semester. I didn't studied much. I barely even do notes. Skipped lectures around 5-6 times. Hmm, seems like things are getting downwards.

Nevertheless, I did gave a lot of effort in studying minor subjects. I read and memorized a lot for TITAS and Kemahiran Berfikir even though they are boring and less important compare to my law subjects. Unlike the 1st semester, for Hubugan Etnik, I didn't even bother doing pass year questions or finishing the text book. I hope through such extra effort I could get a better result this semester.

Studying law this semester seems to be a little easier. Maybe my brain finally could accustomed with all those heavy texts and passive sentences in a full case. I no longer have any headache while reading Kevin Tan (Constitutional Law Book). Now, I can read the whole book without much problem unless I'm reading judgements from ancient judges (Lord Diplock !). Really can't stand their twisted vocabulary and grammar.

I also noticed some minor changes in myself. Now I would read terms and condition in an agreement or on a receipt. Finally, my lawyer traits are emerging from my brain and soul. Studying law is a life long learning. I'll be using all the knowledge that I acquired from UKM, later in life.

Hopefully, from now onwards, I could be a good lawyer/ law-student !
Enjoy your holiday people :)


Addicted to the book. Am totally into the book from the first chapter.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Genting Trip !

We (Me, Pinyin, Cora, Adi ,Chandra and Diyana) went to Genting Highlands yesterday :) It was magnificent ! We went for a day trip because Miss Cora had a flight to catch today. The trip started at 10.30 am. We missed the bus because Adi was late. So, we took the taxi to Perhentian Kajang. Then, we took another 2 hours bus trip to Genting from Kajang.
At 1.00 pm, we reached Genting. After smelling the nice aroma from a nearby cafe, our tummies were sending S.O.S messages to our brain. I suggested Burger King, Chandra opted for Marrybrown and Pinyin wanted to go to Pizza Hut. So, we used the traditional way to settle it : La-La-Li-Tam-Tum. Pinyin won (curse her), so we went to Pizza hut for lunch. Surprisingly, I bumped into 2 beloved (not really) debate seniors - Xu Vin and Kevin Tan. I was being teased by them like usual. But it was fine since I somehow missed their sarcasm. Lols.
Afterwards, we went to the Outdoor Theme Park. Paid RM 38. The first ride we played was the Spinner. It was a good warm up before going for the thriller rides but everyone was dizzy when we got down from our seats. Then the fun started from: Cyclone -> Pirate Ship (Not scary at all but Pinyin, Cora, Chandra and Diyana screamed their lungs out) -> Cork Screw (Awesome !) -> Go Kart (We waited for an hour for our turn but in the end, it was not that fun) -> Space Shot x 2-> (It was orgasmic. When that thing went down, my butt was alleviated from the seat !) -> Scary Space Ship (Lousiest among all the rides) -> Flying Dragon -> Cyclone -> Cork Screw x 2 -> Spinner. We chiaoz around 7pm.
We went to Marrybrown for dinner. I ate the stupid Mee Kari MarryBrown, expensive and insuffiecient. Then, we walk around the shops at Genting and finally, we left Genting at 9.00pm sharp.

Despite being tired, I really enjoy the trip. The RM 38 that I spent, really worth it (but not on the food though). Looking forward to another trip there with Choon Ming, John, Denise and Manfred. Hehe.

Enjoy the photos :

Monday, April 26, 2010

Great News !!

My parents finally approved my request of getting a car in UKM !

Thanks dad and mum ! Love ya forever :)

Hehe, I don't mind what type of car that I can get.
As long as I no longer have to walk !

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The (almost) 21 years old Jeremy.

Am no longer the 17 years old Jeremy.
Am also no longer the 18 years old Jeremy.
Maybe most of them didn't realize the changes in 19 and 20 years old Jeremy.
So, now they still treat him like 17 and 18 years old Jeremy.

17 & 18 years old Jeremy can endure and be patient with others behavior.
19 & 20 years old Jeremy maybe still can hold his patiences.
But not 21 years old Jeremy. I think his tolerances had a limit already.
21 years old Jeremy thinks people that does not appreciate him should walk away from him.

He thinks he did his best to be humble even though now he is 21 years old.
He felt others always think about themselves tend to forget the fact that Jeremy got his own feelings too.
So, if others still want to act irrationally then he might have to ignore them.
If you still think he is the old Jeremy then sorry.You knew the wrong Jeremy.
The 21 years old Jeremy needs to move forward.


Finished TITAS yesterday. Contract Law in 5 days time and my progress is at 0%.
Hooray to me !!!
Am just too lazy to touch those books.

If I'm a cat, I would probably look like this

DOTA ! Thanks to Mr.Lim Sing Ghee, my old addiction is back ! Now, my hands are itching to play Dota. Not a good sign at all. I'm in dire need of motivation to study. Maybe after tomorrow, things will get better.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy 22nd Birthday to Mr. Herman Mustapha !

Happy Birthday Herman!
Enjoyed the Chinese dishes at F4 :) A break from Malay meals is always nice.
Although I didn't expect your celebration would include hitting the club but still, it was fun.
All the best to you my dear buddy !

Lame Clubbers

Meal at F4 around USJ 14 ( if i'm not mistaken)

Herman, Thin and Me

Shim and Herman


Erm... half - drunk

See you next time ! but probably by then, it would be in Sandakan.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

TITAS is :

Out of this world, Hilarious-filled with jokes ! , Islam Hadhari. can you imagine?-BORING , Irrelevant and lastly Useless !

Hopefully I can get an A :)

After 4 years in UKM, if I can't become a lawyer, I think I am still qualify to become a Islamic Studies Teacher.

Call me Ustaz and I know Hudud Laws, people ! Don't play play.
Surah al-Maidah 45 : Nyawa dibalas nyawa, luka dibalas luka, gigi dibalas gigi etc. ( this is Qisas- just in case some syariah law students wanted to correct me on this ayat :> )

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Weird, Failure and Last but Not Least, a Loner


I am not that weird actually (no comments on this from the debaters). Sorry to say this, but I honestly and 100% surely: don’t like to mingle with people that I am not comfortable with.

I was born in the month of December, day 24th (FACT : Jeremy's Birthday !): a Capricorn. I think it must be in my nature that i'm a bit reserved. Authority:

"Capricorn kids like a quiet space that is all their own with a place for everything and everything in its place" - Random post from the web

Even if, it is not due to my nature, I find it impossible for anyone to be friends with someone they don't like. Then, am I selective? NOPE! - It is just that, I befriend with people that are genuinely interested in becoming a friend. No weirdo’s, lame asses and fakers too.

I admit that sometimes I do judge people on the first instance BUT my perception does change ! Haha, there are a lot of my friends came from this category. Right PINYIN? Ha-ha-ha – KIDDING!!

For me, a good friend can always be seen from their smile or laughter. A good friend always gives us a hearty smile or a warm-loud-laugh-that-comes-from-their- stomach. While an acquaintance with a fake smile or laughter ( Plus a sinister look from their eyes surely makes anyone chills, I really can't stand it. They are not friends but fakers. I don't mind fakers actually since I would just counter them with another fake laugh to make things equal. :D

I don't mind staying alone, eating alone or walking alone even if I don't have any human beings to accompany me. I feel better off by being alone then talking with someone that I don't like. Yeah, I maybe the invisible man but at least I can use my superpower for good. :)

Friday, April 16, 2010

Things that I want right now !

I would really appreciate a new movie !

Am really forward to watch :

and also ; Another Pandora Box (Hate the fact that I missed this)

I would also like to own : an Ipad ! damn it... it's just too alluring for me

and or perhaps : a netbook !

I would enjoy a good book like :

I although there are few books on my table that waiting for me to read them but I read some reviews about To Kill a Mockingbird. Looking forward to it since 16th April - 16th May, Popular will going to start their Book Month (something like that). 50% discount for the 2nd book. :) *cher linnnn ! hehe*

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

-Random- 14/4/2010

Today, I finally received the green letter from PPP for the Vice Chancellor English Debate Cup for 2010/2011. I felt very disappointed. Dr. Kaderi didn't give us a single cent. He asked me to look for own sponsorship. :<>

Just finished my Islamic Legal System paper this morning. Felt relieved but on Friday, Constitutional Law is waiting for me. Sigh ! When will this torture end ? I only revise Public Services, Right to Religion, Fundamental Liberties (Article 5) and Equality by Law. Just under 4 chapter, I already want to faint. zzz so many cases to memorize. The torment increased when I read the past year questions. Dr Norliah is one tough lecturer.

I wish I can go out and watch a nice movie (need to escape from reality once in awhile). I wanna get a netbook seriously ! zzz I just fell in love with the size and weight of a netbook ! I can't stand carrying my 14'inch laptop going uphill back to my college every time I go to the library. Hmmm.. FAMA support ? hehe

Am still thinking whether I should join the next ALSA Conference in Korea. PY still have not make up her mind yet. Sigh. I wanna go but no friends, it surely will not be fun. The due date for confirmation is on 19th of April . 5 days to go :(

Thats all from me in this post. Have a pleasant day everyone :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Legal Theater - Exam !

Our Legal Theater - Colors of Justice

On Thursday, my batch managed to organise a musical theater ! It was an assignment for our Malaysian Legal System subject and it was a hit ! The audience loves it and I think the lecturers like it too. [I bet it is nicer than Oizien's theater perfomance last year]

Everything was last minute but we managed to pull it off.It was hilarious and dramatic.I was one of the juries, didn't contribute much but still, we managed to sing out our verdict against the Mimi Yanti. (above: the one in black outfit) :P

Although it was fun, we sacrificed lot of time in revision because it was held in our study week :(

Next week I got 4 papers to die for !

P/S: I did my blood test recently and I got problems with my red blood cell ! AWESOME ~

25th Batch of UKM Law Students

Er... Nonsense

-The Juries-

Monday, April 5, 2010

My entertainment update

Hehe.. thanks Pin Yin for reminding me to update my blog !
My poor blog, been left out for so long.
Anyhow, last week I went for a movie and dinner with Bangi Debaters at Alamanda. We watched How to Train your Dragon ! It was awesome :) Night fury.. hmm.. great ! ( I said it was childish at first but now I'm eating my words) lols

Secondly, I also watched Bride Wars ! It was so-so. I like Anna Hathaway, but the storyline was erm.. very patchy, random erm.. unorganized. No wonder, the movie gets a very bad review from the critics.

Today, I managed to get a copy of theSUN newspaper. I saw the latest list on the billboard chart. Rihanna -Rude boy ranked 1st. It was awesome ! Addicted right away. Go dl it guys/girls. :)


By the way, I got great carry marks for my Contracts this semester ! Hopefully, I could score an A this semester on that paper. *finger crossed*

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Think before you speak - I thought everyones knows about it but it's not.

Sometimes, it's funny to note that some people speak as if they know something.. but in fact, they are just crapping.

When someone say something that is false and yet they insisted what they are saying is true without confirming the validity of the fact, I must say I find it very irksome.

And when someone pointed out their foolishness, they insisted that they are still right then they are nothing but an imbecile.

Conclusion: Don't say something as if you knows about it when you don't even have the slightest idea of what your are trying to convey. Dumbo.