Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lost in KL!

Seriously, KL is like a maze ! Last Friday night, I drove to KL to meet up with KTSN debaters for our upcoming Taylor's IV but, I was lost for 3 hours... How pathetic.

I brought my GPS along and I thought it would lead me directly to KTSN. However, I ended up in KTSN 2 ! It was hell. Making my situation worse was the fact that my useless GPS ran out of battery. Desperately, I parked my car and asked some passerby's for direction. Luckily, I came across a very nice guy, I think he is called "Afik" (thank god because the other passerby's that I asked just shook their head). He was buying satay but at that moment, nothing came across my mind except the directions to KTSN ! He enlightened me with his Iphone.

BUT, the funny part is the fact that I was still lost with all the guidance from that Saviour, lol. I was forced to call Pau to guide me out from the city. I parked in front of Legend Hotel and waited for 15 mins (I was very devastated at that time) and finally, Pau successfully brought me back to KTSN.

P/S : I didn't manage to break into Taylor's IV. (Shame ....)


Gine said...

It's ok, KL is indeed a confusing place for non-locals. And I'm sure you've done your best in Taylors :) Take care!

Jeremy said...

yeah ! ...... kl is very stigmatic. haha about taylors... i have no idea.:(
Haha take care !