Friday, April 30, 2010

The End of 1st year's 2nd Semester

Today is the last day of our second semester in UKM !

In a blink of eye, 4 months had passed. Never imagine that it would be this fast.
This semester I had been quite lazy compare to the previous semester. I didn't studied much. I barely even do notes. Skipped lectures around 5-6 times. Hmm, seems like things are getting downwards.

Nevertheless, I did gave a lot of effort in studying minor subjects. I read and memorized a lot for TITAS and Kemahiran Berfikir even though they are boring and less important compare to my law subjects. Unlike the 1st semester, for Hubugan Etnik, I didn't even bother doing pass year questions or finishing the text book. I hope through such extra effort I could get a better result this semester.

Studying law this semester seems to be a little easier. Maybe my brain finally could accustomed with all those heavy texts and passive sentences in a full case. I no longer have any headache while reading Kevin Tan (Constitutional Law Book). Now, I can read the whole book without much problem unless I'm reading judgements from ancient judges (Lord Diplock !). Really can't stand their twisted vocabulary and grammar.

I also noticed some minor changes in myself. Now I would read terms and condition in an agreement or on a receipt. Finally, my lawyer traits are emerging from my brain and soul. Studying law is a life long learning. I'll be using all the knowledge that I acquired from UKM, later in life.

Hopefully, from now onwards, I could be a good lawyer/ law-student !
Enjoy your holiday people :)


Gine said...

Kevin Tan wrote a book? *giggles* lalala All the best for the coming semesters! And the holidays await! Miss you, Jeremy!

Jeremy said...

Hahah, NOT HIM ! its another another from singapore. So, are u coming to bangi next week ?