Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day Trip to Bilit

Bilit is a small village located along the Kinabatangan River . It takes 2 hours drive from Sandakan. My dad's camp is located somewhere near there but need to take another 15 mins boat trip to reach there.

Since I got nothing to do, I agreed to accompany him for a day trip to his camp. I didn't bring along my digital camera so I used my phone to snap some pics but not much(just for the sake of blogging). The place is very serene and calm. It's a good place to escape from hectic and loud city life. I forgot to take pics around the camp because I was too occupied in eating lunch (lol). Perhaps, next time.

Driving to Bilit.

At the jetty

On the way to the camp. It was freaking hot. The sun shone strongly.

The bank of Kinabatangan River. No wildlife today.

At the Entrance.


pinyin said...

new color huh.. haha...:P

Gine said...

beautiful clouds! :)

Jeremy said...

hahah thanks :D