Friday, October 30, 2009

Weirdos and Sickos.

Dear Blog,

Today,I really need to get something off my chest. ( Not literally)

Despite last-minute workers and Mr & Mrs Excuses, I really hate people who always like to complain about their life. This people think their life are fucked up, screwed etc. Then think their life are the worst and I somehow don't pity them but also look down on them ( but i cant do that in their face( blogging !! hehe))

IF their life were really that fucked up then they must be from South Africa or Myanmar (which ever the worst).

I classified them into 2 types ( let me know if i missed out any new species) :

Type A: They failed in achieving something, and somehow it's the end of their world. eg. Mr.R

Type B: Living in Envy. Always jealous people who born in a rich family or a well-conditioned family. Yet, they don't want to improve or change their own lifestyle but just constantly complaining,lazying and picking their nose. eg Ms. C

I don't understand, why waste their daily energy to complain instead of using those energy in doing something better. I think some part in their brain is down and I strongly advice them to visit the hospital.

I felt they somehow, are in dire need of attention, sympathy and care from other people. It's about time that they should know when to stand on their own feet ! How old are you now ? *ring ring* Wake up from your sleeping ugly dream now ! They are just like babies with a pessimistic mind. Evil babies to be exact,very very evil.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler

-Hilarious comedians-

Dirty Minded?


I'm in a blissful mood. No idea why, but somehow I feel great right now. Maybe because I'm listening to some of my awesome songs that I have in my music list.Yeah, that must be it.

Anyhow, I'm going to take my Constitutional Law paper this afternoon at 3pm. I bet it must be challenging.

I'll try my best today. Hope no regrets but just reliefs.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Love

Oreo's for life

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I wonder why ?

It seems like my personality is shaping into more Capricornish lately. I'm no longer the person who likes to hang out 24/7 a week. I wonder why ?

Back in high school, hanging out was must for me. It seems back then that I rather clinging with my friends then sitting back in my room. I wonder why ?

Now, the karma begins. I prefer laying on my bed, surfing the net or just read books peacefully by myself. I don't really attach in going out for karaoke, going for shopping etc. There are friends who really like to hang out for at least few times in a week. It seems that going out is a must for them. I wonder why?

For me, having fun via heading out is not compulsory but rather a preference. Sometimes, I like the social interaction but most likely within a limit or depends with whom I'm going out with. I don't mind going out once in awhile with people that are fun to talk with but I won't be going out with people every single night for the sake of going out from the campus only. I see this group of people very similar to myself during my time in high school. I wonder why ?

Hmm, a bit emoish. I'm just wondering whether am I starting to become more like an adult or more like a freak. Kinda worry.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Today I woke up nicely at 9am. The sunlight brighten up into my room, and because of that I went back to sleep again, hahaha. I woke up again at 11am, I promised myself to study at PTSL later on. I planned nicely for today's schedule. I'll start of my going to have my breakfast in Zaba and then take a Zone 2 Bus to Pusanika then I'll walk to PTSL. Perfect ! I don't need to walk to PTSL .

I went to Zaba, ate an awful meal. The rice smells. The foods were salty. Then I saw Mr Dev, and he reminded me today is SUNDAY. In which, there are only Zon 6 buses. Sigh. No Zone 2 Buses. I walk all the way back to PTSL from Zaba. Sweat !

Aih......... My plan didn't proceed nicely. Now I'm at PTSL , studying but my brain is kinda not in the mood. I think it is about time for me to head back and take a nap.
The Internet connection here is kinda sucky too (another reason to go back).

I'm starving too, Luckily I bought some Oreo Cookies and a pack of Campbell Instant Mushroom Soup =). *Saliva dripping*

Countdown: 21 hour left before going to hell ( Contract Exam).

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Yesterday, I went out to Mid Valley, ya... I'm out of my mind ( exam like on Monday,yet I'm still going out), Thanks to Facebook Inspiration Quote for the day. I got a quote written perfectly for me " Have Fun Today". Thus, without further thoughts, it's bye bye UKM. Lolz

Meet up with Oizien, went to Chilis to grab something to eat since both of us didn't know where to eat plus I want the Bottomless Tasada Chips heheh and the bottomless drinks =).
2 idiots asked for 2 giant burgers and ended up wasting a quarter of the burger. We didn't even managed to refill the chips ( Bryan or Vivian isn't around !) . I drank like 5 glasses of Apple Juice due to lack of fruit juice's in UKM and because of my mum's constant nagging about me not consuming enough fruits.

I managed to catch up with Su Ching and Sheena. I haven't seen them for like 3 months. We talked , laughed, and teased like old times.(Hope to see them soon ..) After that, went back to UKM! On the way back, the commuter was packed with humans. I barely can move my finger. As I was hiking up KIY's Hill, saw John and he said the contract marks for assignments were out. I get 36/60, kinda low but I think I still can get a B for this semester. Ya, I don't have high hopes in this semester . Now, struggling with Uncle Visu's book !

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

-Old Pic- My Faculty Night

My Faculty Night at Kajang. The Venue was in a Hotel. I've forgotten the name but it was nice and pleasant there =). We(1st year) had fun, not sure about the seniors though but I guess they did enjoy. We had good food that night, Its' Japanese Buffet. Thank god,since we had paid RM70 per person for that night. That night Me and Denise performed a musical as well as sang a song entitled Quando,Quando,Quando by Micheal Buble. Choon Ming as the MC, misread our song title and she said Condom,Condom,Condom( laughing my butts off, this will cost her a meal). It was kinda lousy compare to other candidates performance but It was still ok since we did our best that night (hopefully la).

1. With One of My Senior, Katherine. She was very seducing that night.
2. My Partner, Denise. She didn't managed to get the best dress award even though I had surprisingly exposed her dress to Mr Phoon.
3. King of the Night, Mr. Loo Hao Han. He jumped into the pool, making other candidates out of the league except Lum Kok Kiong ( He also jumped into the pool).

4a. KIY member's.
4b. Me and The 2 Best Diver of the Night.

PBL- Assignments Group Pic

My Problem Bases Learning Group for this Semester.
Just Finished Our PBL for Constitutional Law.

Take 1
Take 5
Take 36 ( Feally's Problem in Taking a nice picture) !!
A Group Pic with a missing judge, Tuan Akram Shah.

I believed that I didn't do well during this PBL. The lecturer said that I was stamping a lot. She said I did better during tutorial classes compare to my PBL performance.
After hearing that, I killed myself. ya, I'm a spirit right now.

-Nerd or Geek in Making-

Today, I studied with Zhao Lin, Kris and Esther at PTSL. Sigh.. I guess in Contract for this Sem, we at least need to memorize 70 cases. I'm still blur with undue influence,tomorrow or later on I'll try to focus and get it through my brain.

Not to mention, Consti. (3x aih). Hope in the nearest time, I can finish Contract so that I can get into Consti ASAP.

I noticed that I somehow neglected Oi zien. I'm soo sorry !!! You are going to kill me soon( i bet you will). Hehe, no worries laa. After I finish my exam, I will surely find you to hang out. =)

-Hungry now- heading out to Cafe,even though it is raining now.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Study week

1. Assignments
- Managed to finish and warp up every single assignments ! YES ! No more documentation, meetings,etc ... ! Felt very free. CAD is f.o.s, :), hahah ~ I'm very glad that i managed to complete every single assignments that i had even though there were tons of it. (7 assignments!)

2.Study week
- Gosh, 1 week to study 3 major subject, wanna cry dy. I'm kinda worried about my contract law since almost all cases that i had learned seems went down to the drain at KIY. Nevertheless, MLS is quite easy since this semester only covers 6 chapters but the lecturer asked us to be prepare for next sems - MLS musical and Poster making assignment.( sigh x100).

3.Final Exam and CGPA
- I wished to get 3.00 and above, dean list is not in my list anymore. Hahah cuz i knew im too lazy to get that. i don't want my score around 2.9+, I will cry =(. I'm looking forward for more debate training too =).