Tuesday, November 3, 2009

-Yet Another Nice Day-

Today is a good day. Why? Too many reasons.
1. The weather is good. I like when the sun shine brightly in the sky. The trees are glowing in gold due to the sunlight. *sure boost up my mood*

2.I finished my MLS paper this morning. I don't know whether I answered the question correctly and accordingly but nevertheless I wrote a lot, so hopefully I can get some pity marks. (hehe)

3.I cleaned and cleared my table. (too messy)

4. Etc.. I forget. I just feel great =)

Ps: I like UKM surrounding, a lots of trees. It really seems like UK in Malaysia. UKM = UK in Malaysia. Lol

Something to Laugh about:


Kevin Tan said...

the comment about ukm so adorable la. my campus... its like an industrial wasteland red light district with a hospital lodge in the middle.

Jeremy said...

hahaha ! well,u can always pay ukm bangi a visit :). nevermind kevin, use your imagination, think as if the wasteland is actually a field filled with flowers hehe. not working eh?