Thursday, November 5, 2009

Why Choose Law?

I'm very glad that I was in the Law faculty :) [despite my non-stop complaints during the exam,hehe] If I were in different courses, I don't know whether I could make it throughout the years in the University.

Why Law ?
a. I hate maths. Seriously. Talk about the formulas, assignments, calculations. zzz, I will fall dead in 3 seconds. Ps: I hate homework too, Maths requires a lot of homework :(

b.I'm not a science student material. I hate chemical and physic, I hate doing lab test too.
*Ps:dev burnt his valuable fur when his lab work gone wrong* (hehehe)

c.My future job can involved in/directly with the 3 main bodies in Malaysia :
Executive: Officers in the Attorney-General Office.
Legislation : MPs.
Judiciary : Judges (Hopefully-lah), Public Prosecutors and the infamous job,Lawyer. (Awesome !Right ?)

d.I can debate even when I'm working, formally though. [Anonymous] said : A job that you love is a job that you won't be grumbling when you wake up early in morning. :D

e.I can meet awesome people all round the country in my faculty. Law students in UKM are different compare to other faculty students.Verbally. (Exception: Debaters) . We talk nonsense everyday,everytime. ( Kris, Esther, John(ya!,you), Manfred and etc)

So, I in conclusion, I believe Law faculty would be the one and only faculty suit me. Thank god I'm here.


Gine said...

yeah, we were told to: find a job that you love, you'll never need to work again!

Now that you've got it, live it =)

chiayoong said...

oh im so touched....lolx

esztergrace said...

hahaha...yeah..can talk nonsense all the time ;)