Monday, November 16, 2009

-Movie Review-

Sorry for the late update.It seems that right after the exam, the drive to blog is fading away. But I ain't such kind of person. So I will keep blogging till the very end of my life.
I don't know what should I post about for today. Thus, I'll just talk about the recent movies that I have watched lately. :D

The Proposal : Funny ! I think it's the funniest among the 3 comedy movie here. :D The storyline was great and I like Sandra Bullock's Character : Ms Tate. Watch It !

Year One : I don't find it laughable compare to the other two movie here. Ok-lah, since Jack Black was the lead actor :)

The Ugly Truth
: Definitely one of the best romance-comedy movie. Watch it people !, I ended up buying this DVD because I heard Kelvin them(debaters) talking about it. Really worth my RM6 hehe.


Gine said...

OMG it's Kevin, not Kelvin! Faster edit it before he reads it!! Hahaha! And well, some part of The Ugly Truth is quite funny la, others could be quite disturbing. Chumen Dev definitely knows why. It's still fun to watch this movie with them (Pau, Kevin & Dev) la, haha :)I wanna go watch movie too! sigh, busy with work pulak!

Kevin Tan said...

too late read liao!

Jeremy said...

opsss, aihh cher linn msg me next time via sms. faster !