Monday, November 2, 2009

-Dead Meat-

I'm in deep trouble. My brain is so not in the right mode. My brain keep on telling me to touch the computer instead of the book. How?

I can't recall most of the cases in MLS. Maybe my Pentium 2 brain is full with cases in Consti and Contract Law, now MLS cases can't fit in. Sigh. What shall I do ?

Plus, I'm addicted with Bejeweled Blitz in Facebook. Hehe, I'm so going to die tomorrow. =(

I hope the question will not be that hard. Hopefully la, today's lesson : I should do MLS notes 2 months ago.


esztergrace said... true...haizz..the cases just slip of my mind during exam. sigh..

Jeremy said...

hahah dont care la. exam finish dy !