Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Reminiscence of the Past [Form 6]

Back in 2007, I still remember stepping in SM St. Mary for the first time. It was right after my PKLN in Tawau. I recalled that I was the only guy in Form 6 wearing green pants because my form 6 white pants were still at the shop.

Quickly, I became a prefect in the school. However, I ain't the ordinary good-nerdy student back then. I'm seriously one of the naughtiest student there. Being loud and sleeping in the class were something I loved. Hahaha

I still remember when the principal passed a paper for us to grade the worst and the best 5 teacher in St Mary, our comments were awful ! I and some friends wrote the teachers were boring, ugly [ya,physical appearances counts !!], etc... till the we ended up washing the toilet !! However, I still think it was worth it because it was really funny back then.

Not only that, in lower 6, Me, Gee Kang and Liau were being requested to meet the discipline teacher for being too naughty. That idiot[discipline teacher, Mr.Tan] told us bla bla bla stuffs like quiting the school if we aren't interested in studying anymore. Well, honestly I still hate him for being a freak in the school. He was the most bias teacher I have ever met. He fond girls over boys. Back in my school trip to Pulau Lankayan, he was the supervising teacher but in 1000 pictures that he took during the trip, I bet only 2 pictures only have us[students] inside and the remaining pictures were his gf's photo. yuck !

Not only him that I dislike, I also hate Puan Thien Pet Ngo [weirdo], Cikgu Fazila[too lazy!],a *sa-nga* teacher [forget her name but her ego was so high till it can reach the sun], Bastard TC [ a math teacher, I hate him the most ] and few dozens more. However, I really like Cikgu Amit, Cikgu Syahmini, Cikgu Ahmad Supu and Puan Renuka. They are they best !

Beside teachers, I also pissed my seniors off but I don't care because I don't like them either. I reported them once for being not cooperative in leaving the classroom during recess [I'm the prefect !]. They confronted me for that. Hahaha

- Alert ! Ugly Me Ahead-

Beauty and the Bald
Graduation ! It's finally over

I bet a lot of seniors and teachers wanted me to fail in STPM but luckily I did not. Guess they are eating their hearts out :P I thank my friends and teachers who really support me back then.

Ps: I guess hating a teacher doesn't necessary will make you get bad grades in exam.It's totally a superstition.


She3n said...

Feels like 2007 had past so long...Goodbye to yr bald head and hi to longer hair....hehehe :)

WaiYee @ eSter said...

wow .. since when stmary's prefects wear red tie ??? and the jubah ... so lucky u all