Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Happening's on Sunday

Sunday night went to Oizien a.k.a Alexis's house. She invited me and Su Ching over her place to have BBQ. Ate like hell. Lamb Chops, Watermelons and some Mussels. [before that I already had a wonderful dinner at home, my tummy shaped like a basketball]

Prince Goofy was there too [check her blog about this prince], he barked at me like no tomorrow. Grumpy dog ! [just like Oizien]. hahaha. Luckily, Su Ching told me that Mr. Goofy likes to be touched. So, to keep his royal highness volume down a notch, I risked my hand for a more serene and quiet environment.

After that, we played Vocable. We can see Oizien's cheapskate attitude coming out. She don't mind the words getting stuck at all. Below the word Wed and Led were from her. Stingy-nya ! Almost no words can be build from her word.

Then, we moved on to UNO and red wine as well as Astro On-demand. We were there till 1am then chiaoz. :)

I slept like a pig due to the alcohol from the red wine. There goes another a day in Sandakan.


Ah Tzun Zai said...

Perempuan tu memang stingy lol! wuahahahahahaha

Jeremy said...

hahah too bad u weren't here... sigh

♥ ALEXiS ♥ said...

Who is that PEREMPUAN?