Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I'm back in Sandakan for 4 days already. All I did was eat[cake,seafood,noodles,etc], sleep [randomly] and entertain [tv , lami(similar to mahjong)]. Yeah, I know, it's like dreaming.

i'm here with grumpy Alexis a.k.a Oizien, she seems kinda busy lately.Fiona is as healthy as ever. Grace curled her hair,look more sophisticated. Ging is busy with his work but still his time is very flexible. Mark Goh lose a lot in Lami. Haven't meet Siao Ching yet. Others are simply fine.

Now, I finally can take a break from all those books. My head gets dizzy when I'm near any law books.Hooray to my 1 month of pleasure.

Later I'll go swimming :D and get my driving license changed.

Ps:I'm having terrible dreams lately, those dreams were all about me failling the exam. zzz


pinyin said...

stop thinking of those exams and start concentrating on enjoying urself!! hahaha

Jeremy said...

haha i wish ! but they kept on haunting me at night