Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Glimpse of Future

I foresee myself and hopefully-lah all these can became reality :

1.Carrying my luggage waiting at the LCCT.

2.Meeting up with Bangi UKM debaters for dinner and few rounds of murderer (I miss this game).

3.Lying on my own bed in my room,rolling around and hugging my pillow.

4.Painting Vivian Wong's Bed ! Curse her !

5.Crying because the torment of mind is finally over. (exam)

6.Eating my mum's favourite dish, [Petai+Belacan].

7.Debating .


chiayoong said...

hoi! "hopefully-lah" is my trademark ok....

Jeremy said...

yeah, it WAS. haha not longer now

Gine said...

I want to have dinner with you too! And kill you in the murderer game later ;p