Sunday, November 22, 2009


Fact in US says, chances involved with adultery for a man gets higher according to their wealth. This really strikes me about trust and faith in a relationship. People get married because they love each other but somehow scandals often appear after few years being together.

I believe not only in US only such problem exist but around the globe too. In my very hometown, Sandakan, also filled with news or rumors about adults having affair. However, here includes both men and women.

We often heard gossips about Auntie XYZ having an affair or Uncle ABC actually have a mistress from China.Hmm, I wonder why people often involved with such scandals even though they already professed to love and be faithful towards their partners during their wedding. [Maybe the 3rd party is a professional seducer or maybe the husband or wife are itching for sex].

Deep down in my heart, I believe these married couples doesn't actually love each other till the max but just wanted to settle down or go with the flow [ 30 years old must be married policy] . It's really sad because the victims are the faithful party [includes their children] .

True story by Fiona, a wife working as a fish monger to support the family but the husband was actually having an affair with Indonesian girls.Why? He promptly said his wife smells. If I'm that wife, that guy will be lying on the ground,sliced.

I really hope, this problem will not be a norm in Malaysia just like in US because I still believe most youngsters here still can't accept the fact that their dad or mum are actually crying or depressed alone during the night when his/her partner are out having fling with Mr or Mrs XXX.

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