Sunday, November 22, 2009

Saturday Night Out

Out from the house and straight to Bandar Indah ! Last night, went out with the gang to have a drink at Subway and BlackJack. Laughed a lot. I haven't seen Keong and Tat for a month, yet they are still as fun as ever. Talked, played and drank till our throat sore.Luckily, it was Heineken and not Tiger. I can't stand Tiger Beer, the taste is awful.

We didn't went to Tonic because Tat said they are kinda bored with the place. So we [terpaksa] go to Blackjack but the place was not as crowded as Tonic. We played dice and Keong and Alexis became *Mr and Mrs Hyde*. This 2 crazy people kept on forcing others to drink beer for every round we lose till 1.30am [yup, we are the last one to leave]... zzz

a.Oizien and Fiona

b. Su Ching and Me

c. The Boys

d. Ah Keong and Me

e. Take 3000

f. Hello Kitty Promoter

g. Oizien's Ugly Pic

h. The girls

Enjoyed ourselve last night although Ah Chu and Fiona didn't joined us at Blackjack. :)

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