Wednesday, November 11, 2009


It seems time passess quickly this week and I know why. It's about time for me to go back to Sandakan ! Yes !! In your face UKM !

This Friday, I'll be leaving this place and return to my hometown. Arggh, I miss home. I don't even bother revising for my arab paper. My focus right now is to pack my stuffs,surf the internet(reading dilbert comic) and sleep as much as possible so that the time passess more quickly [ya, I did it purposely].

However,tomorrow Daryll said there might be a meeting among Bangi Debaters. :D I can sense murderer and debating tomorrow but I guess,we only have time for one of them. Nevertheless, both activities are good enough for me.

The sad part would be about my flight. My departing time from KL LCCT airport is at 7.30am. That means I have to arrive at the airport around 5 am. Damn it ! Damn cheap tickets !! Sigh. Since the price I paid was only RM37.[too stingy] I just have to accept the fact. Sigh

I just can't wait to check out.Hope nothing goes wrong.Hehe :)

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