Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Simple Dedication to UKM Friends

Dedication to all my friends and acquaintances

Life in my faculty had been great for this semester, there were [of course] ups and downs but nevertheless, I'm very grateful to meet every single soul in FUU this sem. I enjoyed the time we cherished in the past 4 months. Time passed in a blink of eye,without realizing , we had already been together for 1 semester. Hopefully next semester, I can see the same faces back in Faculty. :D. Enjoy your holiday people !

Firstly, I must thank Kim, Dev and Alex. They were the ones who brought me into the world of debating. Thanks again to their undivided dedication in training us for the VC cup, [we managed break in !] For some mysterious reasons, I fell in love with debating. I met great people there. Verbally and Mentally. I can't wait to see all of you in the next debate camp.
Ps: Do well to those who are going to Thailand :D

Last but not least,to my college friends. I always have been a passive person in the college [ i love my room]. BUT I'm still thankful because there are some great people here in KIY [Kolej Ibrahim Yaakub]. See you guys in next sem. :)

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