Thursday, November 5, 2009

Relfection on Hubungan Etnik (HE)

Just now, I just finised my Hubungan Etnik paper. Thank god, it's over now. That paper can kill,literally !

I honestly think that was the worst paper throughout all the papers that I had. Darn it.
I scratched my head several thousand times in 45 minutes answering that paper. Only HE can make me do that.

I saw John,Stephanie, Yen Ling and Dennis leaving the hall so damn early. I think they just sat in the hall for 30mins then left. Amazing people.

Sigh. I don't really think I can get an A in this paper. The questions were so confusing and every answer seems the same to me.This caused me to squeeze my brain juice till the very last drop because we only can answer right or wrong. I believe I choosed 239 'right' answers in 250 question. Lolz !

*Crossing my finger, that I don't suck in this paper*


Gine said...

You actually have time to count how many "right" you've ticked, you're really amazing, too! ;-) Don't worry too much about it now. When is your last paper?

Jeremy said...

erm,next thursday. Sigh, 1 more week to go.

vk said...

ahahaha! same..i am wondering if i'll be the first person in history to get negative marks for that paper! hate that marking system!!!!

Jeremy said...

yeahh!, the lecturer obviously have a grudge on us.