Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Dear Journal,

Have you ever felt your life has lost it's are caught in a web of nothingness, wondering what to look forward too.

As if life no longer has any purpose to be continued. All you wanted to do is to stop thinking and sleep forever.

It's depression.

Depression was never in my dictionary. Since young, I am always the half-full boy that ambitiously aims to conquer the world. I'd never dwelt in self-pity before.

... And out of the blue, I was struck with emptiness. My feeling of depression was horrible. I was lost. I kept thinking and rethinking the purpose of me existing in this world. At one point, I was pretty convinced that my own brain was trying to kill me.

It lasted for around 2 weeks.

Although I can't identify what had helped me to recover but, personally, I felt the time I spent with my friends did assist in releasing my mind from unnecessary thoughts. I ate a lot of good food too, e.g., ice-creams.

Banana Split !

During my depression, Japan was hit by tsunami and earthquakes. When I saw the pictures of the calamity, I appreciate my life a little bit better. It made me realize that my life is much better off than a loads of people. For the very least, I have a bed to snuggle in and a blanket to keep me warm.

Japan's Blight. | Source:

With all the tiny incidents I've experienced, I'm glad that I am no longer depressed. I do hope this post can reach out to those who are currently depressed. Live your life y'all !

For more guidances:

1. Focus your life in the present rather then envisioning the future.

2.Take a walk at the park or somewhere with great scenery.

3. Find a new interest. *Blogging ;)*

4. Do whatever it takes to occupy your mind,e.g., watch your favorite drama or movie, read a book, exercise and etc.

5. If there is a reason behind your depression, take it positively. Though, you might not be able to solve it, try to embrace it and move on.

Majestic morning scenery from my room.

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