Friday, March 18, 2011

Research Paper

Splendid news ! Law students from UKM will have to produce a research paper in year three. Though, it was once optional but recently our faculty makes it compulsory beginning from my batch. *tears of joy*

However, at the moment when I optimistically wanted to take this as an opportunity to hone my writing skills in English, we were told to write our mini thesis in BM because we have to be proud of our national language. *a slap on the face*

Seriously? We have to read law bilingually for 4 years and to further demonstrate our love and pride in BM, we have to write our research paper in BM ? If the faculty is doubting our capability to write in English then they should be frank. Giving lame excuse as aforementioned will not hide the cynicism and distrust.

Bah ! No use crying over spilled milk. Anyhow, I've made up my mind on what to do. I'm going to do a research on contract law particularly about economic duress. Wish me luck, y'all ! :)


Barbie @ eSter said...

It is only UKM who requires written thesis in BM .. ~ it's the Misi UKM > memartabatkan BAhasa Melayu .. cheers future lawyer =D

Jeremy said...

Argh... I know but at least they should give us options!

Barbie @ eSter said...

they would say u'll confuse if options are given.. haha

tinsze said...

ahaks! ur mini thesis in BM.. my giant thesis is in BM... >8(..