Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Great Food at Luna Bar

Following the previous post (Vivian's Birthday), this post is about great foods I had at Luna Bar. I had a cocktail - Men are from Mars. It was chocolaty. Definitely not a drink for grown-ups.

Men are from Mars.

We ordered meatballs too. It was succulent and tasty, though, it might looked the opposite.


The best food we had was the cheesy tacos. Albeit the tacos were cheap crackers that can easily be bought from supermarkets, the dish was fantabulous. Love the cheese.

Cheesy Tacos.

Vivian had the Women are from Venus. It was strawberry-flavored.

Lastly, pizzas. The pizzas here are certainly tastier than pizzas from Pizza's Hut.

Luna Bar's Pizza.
Are you hungry now ? ;)


kumfye said...

yea...i'm hungry now...i thought Luna Bar only serve drinks..


Jeremy said...

The food menu is separated from the drinks menu. try 'em ;)