Monday, March 21, 2011

Of Blood, Stitches and Slippers

UKM: The last last Thursday was the darkest day of my life. I was star-crossed to the extent that I paid Hospital Kajang a visit. *groan*. The disastrous day started with me having fever in the morning. I was not bothered because I do not usually fuss about consuming antibiotics and whatnot when it comes to minor illnesses. I believe common ailments can drill our immune system.

Consequently, at night, I decided to play badminton in order to sweat the fever away. After few hours, I went back to take my shower at midnight. But the water was so cold that I had to boil some hot water.

The bath with hot water was fantastic but it made me dizzier. In dizziness, I did not realize the metal cover for the drainage hole was opened and I kicked on it. Thereafter, all hell broke loose. I was bleeding incessantly that the bathroom, the corridor and my room were like murder scenes.

A visit from Jack the Ripper

Luckily, Manfred (my hero) was able to send me to Hospital Kajang. I had 4 stitches in between my toes. The surgery was so painful that I screamed like a banshee. Nurses and patients thought I was being possessed. When I got back to my college, thank goodness that my floormates had washed the blood stains outside of my room. But I still had to mop and wipe my room by myself at three in the morning. *sigh*


Moreover, I was obliged to go to the ALSA Leader Summit on Saturday as I was the Director for Food and Beverages. I had to wear slacks and slippers to the formal event."You look like a canteen uncle" said Afiq. My look was a fashion disaster and I had to limp for the whole day. *mourn*

Very informal >8(


ken said...

wow.. thats A LOT of blood! o.O
get well!

Gine said...

gosh the blood scene in your room was very scary! speedy recovery!

Boy said...

hahaha.. cuz im healthy !

tinsze said...

you're a fashion disaster no matter how.. dont blame the slipper.XD speedy recovery